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Don't waste your energy trying to change opinions ... Do your thing, and don't care if they like it. -- Tina fey

the Extra is a a style + lifestyle brand and online social platform built to empower + inspire women to feel confident in their life and style choices with the Extra’s curated perspective - that products can be and should be ethically sourced, cruelty-free, + sustainable - and we live our lives boldly, out loud, and in color!

Hi! I'm So Glad You're Here 

I'm Taylor - a clothes and travel obsessed Dallas-to-West-Texas transplant living in Abilene with my husband and two fur babies. I’m a lawyer by day and I run the Extra in my spare time. Follow me on social media at @theExtraBlog to learn more about me personally! 

the Extra

The Extra is a style + lifestyle brand and online platform built to empower + inspire women to feel confident in their life and style choices. We live our lives boldly, out loud, and in color + we are building a community of like-minded women who want to do the same.  I focus on women-owned businesses and socially conscious businesses so that I can ensure the brands I'm bringing into my readers homes are safe for the entire family.

I started the Extra on the foundation of wanting to supporting women-owned businesses and ones that stand up for a cause I deeply care about or give back in some way. The more the Extra developed, I realized that I have other standards - that brands should be doing the best they can to ensure what they are producing is ethically sourced, sustainable, and good for the environment and in turn, us. By maintaining these values, I can ensure that the products my readers are bringing into their homes are safe for the entire family, which is pivotal in a women's choice in products and brands. 

Core Values

the Extra can be boiled down to these five (5) values and we use these values when making all business and what inspires us to stay Extra. 

1. Extra. That thing – it - that makes people say “you’re a LOT,” with a smirk. It’s the attitude, the sass, the pops of neon pink with leopard. I live life out LOUD and in full color. I make my own rules on how I live my life – this translates over to my lifestyle, travel habits, and style. I don’t believe in conventional fashion rules. I wear white all year + I believe leopard is a neutral + and that as long as you feel good, you look good.


2. Screw Chemicals. The products and brands I represent are all-natural (or as close as it can get - in which case this will be notated). Whether it be cleaning products, beauty products, or anything else that could touch your skin and potentially harm you - or a member of your family - those products all blacklisted here. You won't find featured or sponsored brands on my blog that don't fit this standard. 


3. Sustainability. I am honestly disgusted at the amount of trash I produce on my own and am vowing to work with brands that make sustainability a priority - or in the very least, agree to look into it. This is another standard that I won't budge on and those brands and products featured or sponsored on my blog adhere to this standard. 


4. Empowerment. I’m an avid believer in supporting and helping other women. I always strive to lift others up rather than down by encouraging women to be who they are. You can be girly and love frilly things while still being able to throw a mean right hook. You can be tough and have a soft spot for bows. Whatever your thing is – I’m here to support it (as long as it doesn’t harm others).