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Don't waste your energy trying to change opinions ... Do your thing, and don't care if they like it. -- Tina fey


the Extra is a business & + lifestyle platform built to educate, motivate & empower female entrepreneurs to live life boldly, out loud + in color in business & in life. 


          My name is Taylor Tomanka and I'm an attorney. I currently run a law firm in Round Rock, Texas, as well as a blog, the Extra, dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs KILL IT in business & in life!


I’ve practiced law in Texas for the past seven years and even own my own law firm with my husband. I started to blog in the middle of the pandemic and as 2021 began, I started to see a lot of my fellow bloggers struggling to get paid on time from completed collaborations or sponsorships. 


So, in July 2021, I re-launched my blog - the Extra: a business & + lifestyle platform built to educate, motivate & empower women to live life boldly, out loud + in color in business & in life. 


I now focus my practice on helping female entrepreneurs, specifically bloggers and other creatives (think: photographers, podcasters, coaches, etc.), with their small business legal needs. I do this by engaging in one-on-one legal consultations (also avail. for groups) and by selling legal templates on my blog: www.theExtraBlog.com.


I also work with small businesses on their social marketing and blogging needs, guiding them through the logistics & setting them up for success. 


On top of alllll of that, I happen to be one of the most Extra people you'll ever meet. In fact, I got called that so much, I named my blog after it, the Extra Blog, which was chosen as one of the Business Startups in "How to Start a Company from Scratch: 100+ Stories from Female Founders” from Databird Journal in Oct. 2020. You can also check out my Interview on female founders for Authority Magazine, "The Five Things You Need to Thrive + Succeed as a Woman Founder" or my interview for Thrive Global's series on "Why We Need More Women Founders."


You can contact me at TaylorattheExtra@gmail.com or find me @TaylortheAttorney on Instagram where I post legal + business tips and tricks for creatives & small business owners!

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