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Thank you for considering the Extra as your source for legal and business needs. I am excited about the potential of this partnership and want to take a moment to personally thank you for choosing the Extra!

I went to law school in the fall of 2011, right after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin. While in law school, I clerked at a family law firm in Dallas and fell in love with helping women out of one of the hardest times of their lives, going through a divorce. I quickly noticed the disparity in wages and standard of living after divorce between a husband who spent 20 years working while his wife stayed at home with three kids. 


Fast forward to 2020, I had been practicing family law for 6 years and co-owned my own law firm with my husband (FTAttorneys). I at that point had seen women who had been put through the wringer. Stay at home moms would often end up almost destitute after a divorce with little to no hope of finding a job that actually gave them a living wage and allowed themselves to fully support their kids. 


Then, the pandemic hit and all of a sudden women really weren’t able to find work. But, I started to see all of these women online starting small businesses (in the middle of the pandemic!) because of the lack of employment. Then it hit me. They had put the bare bones of a business up, but lacked the knowledge to run their business legally and the funds to speak with an attorney to get their business to the next level. They needed a cheaper way to set up an LLC, execute an Operating Agreement, and get legally required policies in place for their website (Privacy Policies) so they could conduct business online. So, the Extra Blog was launched to help women do just that!

As a practicing attorney, broadly, I help female entrepreneurs legally setup and operate their small business and set them up for success. Being a blogger myself, I specialize in helping female creatives—bloggers, podcasters, photographers, coaches, etc. I do this by providing legal templates on my website and offering legal consulting services (think brand or client contract review, negotiation tactics for working with brands + help when brands don’t pay on time) all for a discounted price, much cheaper than my hourly rate at my law firm. 


I love helping beginner bloggers specifically with setting up a blog and then later when they grow, making sure they have a contract to work with when it comes to making money through brand sponsorships. I have a page on my website specifically devoted to educational materials & resources on how to start a blog from scratch as well as a Blogger Contract template that I personally use myself to land brand sponsors. 



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