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When you're a blogger you need to protect yourself. This Blogger Package Includes everything you need to get your blog started and website up and running! 

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Take a look at this post on Why Creatives Need an LLC & A Solid Contract. 




The Blogger Package is a 15% Savings over purchasing the legal templates by themselves!


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Blogger Package Includes:

  • Terms and Conditions for Bloggers: Terms and Conditions that are easily customizable for your businesses use and drafted with bloggers in mind. 

  • Privacy Policy: This Privacy Policy is compliant with the GDPR and the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

  • Media Consent Form: You need a media consent form for adults and minor children - this media consent form covers both. 

  • Blogger Contract: This Blogger Contract protects you against the brand and maintains your content rights.

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