10 Self Care Tips for Busy Women

As a self-employed attorney I know fully how busy and demanding women's schedules can be. It's important to fit in self-care, but also hard to figure out how and when. Sound familiar?

I don't know about you guys, but TBH I've been feeling.burnt.out. And I know I'm not alone.

If you don't already know, even though I just moved to Round Rock, Texas, I'm still the current President of Mental Health America of Abilene (over three hours away) because my Board is incredibly kind and understanding and wanted me to finish out my year, even if its just electronically. We do a fall mental health educational symposium for the city's therapists and counselors (and the public!) each year. At our meeting this last week, we discussed our symposium's theme for this year: BURNOUT.

Across the board, the therapists, mental health professionals and advocates all agree that burnout is occurring to everyone - no matter social status, class, gender, race, age, etc. The pandemic still isn't completely over and its thrown a thick fog on top of everyone, women especially.

Ever feel tired just from thinking about having to "be on" or be "super friendly" to the other moms at the pick up line? Or maybe its the worry and anxiousness you get before you host a dinner party that your spouse, definitely doesn't feel. That's called emotional labor. And we woman have the heaviest load.

I've been diving into self-help and self-care lately because TBH I'm a #LUSH and love pampering myself + have BEEN FEELING the effects of burnout lately. FOR REAL. And you guys get to prosper in my reserach.

Let me know which one is your favorite!

10 Self Care Activities for Busy Women

1. Check-in once a week with yourself or your partner by finishing with these simple phrases: (1) I feel... (2) I need...., I forgive...., I celebrate...., I release...., and I trust....

2. Tuck yourself in bed early with a good book and clean sheets.

3. Watch a comforting/silly/funny/lighthearted TV show or movie.

Did you know you ca watch old Mr. Rogers Neighborhood episodes online.

4. Breathing Exercises.

5. Take a long hot bath, light a candle, and pamper yourself.

6. Go through memory boxes or old photos.

7. Lay on the ground. Let the floor hold you. Realize that you don't have to hold it all on your own or all at once.

8. Buy yourself flowers. Or whatever small pleasure you love.

9. Listen to sad songs or watch a sad movie and have a good, long cathartic cry.

10. Develop a comforting evening routine.

Try one of these activities out and let me know how it makes you feel! Happy resting!

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