21 Day Skin-Health Challenge

DAY 1 CHALLENGE: Fix Face Washing Bad Habits

It’s finally Day 1 of the challenge and I'm stoked! I've been feeling sluggish and just‚ blah lately. And tbh When COVID came around, I hit the donuts pretty hard and my body has been showing [and feeling] the results.

I need to hit a reset button [or at least the stop!] and get my body back in check. Are you ready to join me?

What I realized when researching top skincare is that your diet + gut health has a lot to do with your skin health, which made me feeling not so hot - make a LOT more sense. If this sounds a bit like you, forgive yourself and move on + join me on this 21 day challenge! Just a few daily changes can do a lot of good for your skin and your overall health.

The other pattern that popped up in my research on good skincare were the following actions:

1. Drink more water + wear SPF

2. Clean everything that touches your face

3. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week

4. Sleep more + stress less

5. Have a consistent morning/nightly routine

6. Stop touching your face

7. Moderate your diet

These 7 things are specifically what I’m going to be focusing on the next three weeks. I'll be covering skin facts, tips, & suggestions that cover these common issue areas so that you can start to get into the habit of incorporating some, or all, of them into your everyday life!

One of the most important of these seven is number 5, have a consistent routine. For this daily aspect of my skincare journey I'll be using the Nuskin Lumispa at least once a day with the cleanser (for combo skin). The LumiSpa supposed to improve the following in skin:

· softness

· smoothness

· cleansing

· brightness

· radiance

· clarity

· luminosity

· pore-appearance

· firmness

You're in luck! If you want to join me on my Lumispa journey, my followers will get 20% off the Lumispa by USING THIS LINK HERE. Don't worry, this code will still be live at the end of the 21 day challenge for those of you who want to see the results for yourself first. I got the LumiSpa a few days ago and I'm excited to see the changes it brings me in the next 21 days!

Every morning I’ll also be applying moisturizer, SPF, and a primer with probiotics + vitamin C. You can see and read about my daily makeup routine [here] where I go over what products I use and how. Every night after I use the LumiSpa to wash my face I’ll be using toner, moisturizer, and a serum. At the end of the 21 days I’ll let you know what the final results are, but I’ll also be doing mini-reviews each Thursday as well – so be on the lookout for those.

#Gifted I’ll be honest, the LumiSpa was gifted to me – but my review, comments, and opinions will be 100% real. You can join me on this journey to watch in real time – or save these posts for review later - to see for yourself how the LumiSpa really works.

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