4 Steps to Better Sleep

Updated: Mar 23

Today is World Sleep Day, which is meant to draw attention to the lack of sleep we get and how detrimental it can be for our health. Over the past few decades, both sleep quality and quantity has declinedfor everyone overall. One of the biggest things I see when I’m researching beauty secrets and tips is that getting enough sleep is one of the most important aspects to aging gracefully. Why? While we sleep, our bodies work to heal and repair itself. A lack of sleep can also cause weight gain and increase disease risk in both adults and children.

So, what can we do to actually get a good night’s sleep night after night? Essentially, the Sleep Foundation says that to really make a successful transition to better sleep you need to do four BIG things and a lot of SMALL things. What does that mean exactly? You need to develop healthy “pro-sleep habits” during the daytime, optimize everything about when you go to bed, make your bedtime routine consistent, and create a sleep-inducing environment to snooze in.

Below are a few practices research has discovered are effective in getting a consistently good night’s sleep, both in quality and quantity. Let me know if any of these practices are helpful for you. The TOP two tips that have helped me sleep better are (1) invest in great bedding and (2) soft, comfy PJs.

4 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

#4 Fostering Pro-Sleep Habits During the Day

  • See the Light of Day: Our internal clocks are regulated by light exposure. Sunlight has the strongest effect, so try to take in daylight by getting outside or opening up windows or blinds to natural light. Getting a dose of daylight early in the day can help normalize your circadian rhythm.

  • Monitor Your Caffeine Intake: Caffeinated drinks, including coffee, tea, and sodas, are among the most popular beverages in the world. Some people are tempted to use the jolt of energy from caffeine to try to overcome daytime sleepiness, but that approach isn’t sustainable and can cause long-term sleep deprivation. To avoid this, keep an eye on your caffeine intake and avoid it later in the day when it can be a barrier to falling sleep.

  • Reserve Your Bed for Sleep and Sex Only: If you have a comfortable bed, you may be tempted to hang out there while doing all kinds of activities, but this can actually cause problems at bedtime. You want a strong mental association between your bed and sleep, so try to keep activities in your bed limited strictly to sleep and sex.

#3 Optimizing Your Sleep Schedule

  • Set a Fixed Wake-Up Time: It’s close to impossible for your body to get accustomed to a healthy sleep routine if you’re constantly waking up at different times. Pick a wake-up time and stick with it, even on weekends or other days when you would otherwise be tempted to sleep in.

  • Be Careful With Naps: To sleep better at night, it’s important to use caution with naps. If you nap for too long or too late in the day, it can throw off your sleep schedule and make it harder to get to sleep when you want to. The best time to nap is shortly after lunch in the early afternoon, and the best nap length is around 20 minutes. This is super hard for me - because I am a HARDCORE napper. Whoops!

  • Adjust Your Schedule Gradually: When you need to change your sleep schedule, it’s best to make adjustments little-by-little and over time with a maximum difference of 1-2 hours per night. This allows your body to get used to the changes so that following your new schedule is more sustainable.

#2 Create a Consistent Bedtime Routine

  • Wind Down For At Least 30 Minutes: It’s much easier to doze off smoothly if you are at-ease. Quiet reading, low-impact stretching, listening to soothing music, and relaxation exercises are examples of ways to get into the right frame of mind for sleep.

  • Disconnect From Devices: Tablets, cell phones, and laptops can keep your brain wired, making it hard to truly wind down. The light from these devices can also suppress your natural production of melatonin. As much as possible, try to disconnect for 30 minutes or more before going to bed.

  • Slip into something cozy: Temperature helps regulate a regular sleep pattern as getting too hot or too cold can wake you up in the middle of the night. Silk is thermo-regulating making it breathable, so you'll want to invest in silk PJs or in the very least, a silk pillow case. Silk keeps you cool on hot days and warm in the cold.

  • Invest in a silk pajama set like this silky slip dress, this shorts set or this long sleeve one from More Sunday. You can even get silk pillowcases and silk eye masks there too!

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#1 Creating a Sleep-Inducing Bedroom

  • Invest in Quality Bedding: A quality mattress is vital to making sure that you are comfortable enough to relax. It also ensures, along with your pillow, that your spine gets proper support to avoid aches and pains.Your sheets and blankets play a major role in helping your bed feel inviting. Look for bedding that feels comfortable to the touch like these 100% Organic Cotton sheets and that will help maintain a comfortable temperature during the night, like these 100% Organic Hemp sheets which are made to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • Avoid Light Disruption: Excess light exposure can throw off your sleep and circadian rhythm. Blackout curtains over your windows or a sleep mask for over your eyes can block light and prevent it from interfering with your rest.

  • Find an Agreeable Temperature: You don’t want your bedroom temperature to be a distraction by feeling too hot or too cold. Look for bedding that feels comfortable to the touch and that will help maintain a comfortable temperature during the night, like Delilah Home’s 100% Organic Hemp sheets which are made to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Let me know what your favorite tip is and if these tips help you sleep better! We all need more beauty sleep.

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