5 Ways to Celebrate Yourself

We celebrate women all throughout the month of March - Women's History Month - so why shouldn't you celebrate yourself? You are special. You are valid and worthy and DESERVE some champagne. Especially if you're a mom. Or a teacher. Or really anyone rn.

Here are 5 Ways to Celebrate YOU

1. Let Your Inner Child Out

Don’t do anything crazy, but acting a little dumb sometimes can be freeing! My favorite way to do this is to dance around my house with my EarPods in, singing as loud as I can – and dancing as hard as I can.

2. Self-Care Day / Take a Break

Everyone needs a little break now and then. I’ll admit to taking Mental Health Days Off of work, just because it was desperately needed. I love being an attorney, but without breaks – it would lead to burnout.

3. Acknowledge Your Accomplishments

Who else is going to hype you, but you girl? Really no one. That’s a sad but honest truth that I’ve had a hard time learning – so go ahead and toot your own horn! Men do this all the time and think nothing of it – you go girl!!

4. Celebrate Big and Small Accomplishments

One of my favorites out of this entire list – I love a good celebration! Even if it’s for something small (way to do those two loads of laundry girl!) or large (getting a promotion) – I am ALL about having a glass of champagne over it and gushing about it with my gal pals. Who really needs another excuse to have happy hour with champagne?

5. Indulge in a Weekly/Monthly Ritual

Whether it be a monthly massage, facial, whatever – go do something that makes YOU feel good about yourself. One of my favorite things to do for myself is to go get my nails done. Not only does it remind me of my mother (growing up she worked and always had her nails done), but as I talk a lot with my hands, knowing they’re pretty makes me feel more confident about myself overall.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email attrtomanka@gmail.com or drop a comment below!

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