Our 5th Wedding Anniversary

Martin and I were married 5 years ago to the day. How weird it feels even typing that out - but I feel like we've gone through so, so much in those 5 years. I thought I'd go back in time and show you guys our magical day and engagement. And even though it was so long ago - it truly feels just like yesterday. It was the best day of my life - the day I married my very best friend. I love you, Martin!

Engagement - May 26, 2014

Martin proposed a week after we graduated from law school at the same place we had our first date - the Texas Tech Football Suites. If you know me - when it comes to big events - I have NO chill and knew I was being proposed to that day. But, all of the details were a surprise, including Martin throwing us a surprise engagement party with all of our law school friend's at the Overton Hotel Bar right after we got engaged and finished dinner. It was so nice to have a drink and enjoy our night with friends - many of whom were with us at our wedding.

We got engaged two days prior to starting Bar Prep (we both took the July Texas State Bar Exam) and a week after we both graduated from Texas Tech University School of Law. We had a pretty long engagement due to having to move and start new jobs - we were poor and had no time as baby attorneys. So we worked really hard for a year and took engagement photos in late August 2015 (some of our engagement pics are below!).

Wedding - March 2016

I forgot how stunning everything was during our wedding - it was such a whirlwind day that seemed to last the blink of an eye! Sadly, these photos don't get to see the light of day too much anymore (you can't use your wedding photos for Christmas Cards 2 years in a row - people will notice). So, please excuse me while I re-live my wedding (and how skinny I was!). I also only posted a link to these when I originally got married and not as an album on social media - so many of these photos have probably never been seen before!

I'm still obsessed with my wedding dress - no shame.

Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me in celebration of our Anniversary. Its been a wild 5 years, but I wouldn't pick ANYONE else to do it with. <3

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email at trtomanka@gmail.com or drop a comment below!

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