McKays Bakery

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Who hasn't had McKay's Bakery? You're missing out on such the treat!

McKays has been open for 30 years next year. The current owners are Amy and Kelly - a husband and wife team. Amy is the daughter of the original founders who met at Snowwhite bakery while they were both working as the assistant baker and assistant decorator. One day both the head baker and designer were out sick and the rest is McKay's history!

Even as we were talking a few weeks ago, Amy's dad popped in to say goodbye. He still shows up to the bakery, though he's now retired, every morning to help out. Their best sellers are the lemon bars, thumbprint cookies, and harvest muffins. If you tell them Taylor Sent You they'll give you a cookie and drink with the purchase of lunch!

And Amy also did my 31st birthday cake - see it here on my post about my Thirty-Onederful Birthday. Check out all of the yummy bits of McKays below!

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