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Back for another installment of #AbileneBusinessScene and #TaylorTravelsLocally! Welcome.

This time we're talking Abilene Fresh. A self-described nonprofit "food hub," which is essentially "connecting local farms to local forks!" They get get naturally-grown food from local farms to you - the public! Abilene Fresh and the guys are out at Southern Hills Church of Christ parking lot on Mondays from 3pm to 6:30 pm and Thursdays from 9am to 2 pm. They also offer subscriptions! You can now receive food throughout all three growing seasons (spring, summer, fall), or you can choose any of the three 12-week seasons support the nonprofit. 

They also donate food to other local nonprofits serving cancer patients and low-income families, and offer programs to teach people how to farm. Abilene Fresh is run by Josh Casey who describes the nonprofit as:

like a diamond, with many facets. Our main focus today, is serving local farmers because without a proper economic model in place for them they will not be able to continue to produce. We also want as much food from local farms on as many plates as possible, and our local farmers are making this happen with produce.

On a daily basis - you can find Josh and his team harvesting, sourcing, sorting, washing and getting fresh produce to many different avenues of distribution, working with the farmer/s on upcoming harvest potentials, and developing new market opportunities. But they have big goals in mind. The nonprofit is working towards a farm university / multi-use community center and have already purchased the land near HEB and also hope to expand their our Fresh Futures program for wayward young men (aged 17-20). This is a very vulnerable age as it is the age group of those "aging out" of CPS care.  

,I've used Abilene Fresh personally and have loved the ease of the process [they've got it down!] and the low price for such great, fresh produce. I even made my first batch of pickles using my gran's homemade pickle recipe using my Abilene Fresh cucumbers. They were so big I had to cut them up!! [see below]

Have you tried?

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