Beauty Gifts

If you know me AT ALL you know I loooooove my makeup and actually enjoy putting it on each morning. I've used most of the products below for a good 5+ years and they are my go-tos that I can't leave home without.

I've discussed makeup so much on this blog, and the best place to go for a full review of my makeup is here on my Everyday Makeup Routine post.

T3 Curling Iron - I just got this and y'all - I'm OBSESSED. It leaves my hair looking like I just got a fresh blowout while simultaneously having beachy waves. Can't recommend this enough. I have the 1 1/4 inch wand.

MacKenzie Childs Tumbler - I use this to keep my makeup brushes in and love it!

Everything is linked on the graphic above with the exception of the LumiSpa which you can get 20% off of right now using THIS LINK.

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