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Updated: Mar 1

All throughout the month of February, I featured black-owned businesses on all of my social media channels. Now that the month has come to an end, I want to reiterate that black history is everyday – it’s in the mundane, its’ in the beautiful, it’s in the ugly – black history is a part of American history. I know that moving into the New Year, many people make new goals and resolutions.

One of mine was to support WOC as whole-heartedly as I possibly can (if you remember my word of the year is “Connect”). In an effort to make this NOT just a one-off thing – and to encourage everyone to support these black-owned businesses throughout 2021 – at the bottom of this page you’ll find a Directory, as well as a PDF Directory download you can print out.

Be sure to also check out - a 501c(3) dedicated to creating and featuring black woman owned businesses in its directory. Her directory is much more comprehensive than mine and I highly encourage you to check it out!

Every time you buy from a black owned business, you foster job creation, get closer to closing the wage gap, and strengthen local economies. I heard a stat that 1/4 of black owned business’s in the U.S. had permanently closed due to Covid (and all the other things that 2020 decided to bring 😞).


Business Features + Directory

Here you’ll find all of the individual features I did this month on black-owned businesses. With these individual features, I hope to capture that black history is SO much more than the MLK quotes all over the internet - it’s the black men and women who are changing the world every day just by being in it and operating their businesses. I would LOVE it if you would spend your dollars here if you see anything you like and support them throughout the year – not just now! 

Jenny Bean Candles

Owner Name: Jenny

Brief Business Bio: Boutique candle company with delicious fragrances

“Quote:” "I have no other choice but to show up in my business and be me.

The candle products I deliver are an extension of me and the gifts

God gave me to share. Bold, Bright and Encouraging."



Deeply Rooted

Owner Name: Kya Barnes

Brief Business Bio: Self-taught creator of homemade items with a pinch of fun!


Website: DeeplyRootedJ.Com

Ebby and Ivory

Owner Name: Ebby Pruitt

Brief Business Bio: Graphic Designer | Visual Artist



Head Huncha

Owner Name: Dembri Weeks

Brief Business Bio: Clothing brand for independent, fierce boss women!

“Quote:” Follow your passion — and if you don’t know what it is, realize that

one reason for your existence on earth is to find it.” —Oprah




Earth’s Enrichments

Owners Names: Tehma Smith, Ronae Brock + Michelle Johnson

Brief Business Bio: Health conscious and environmentally friendly skincare products

created by three black women



Queen Cakez

Owner Name: Alivia Simmons

Brief Business Bio: Self-taught baker who brightens her customer’s days one cake at a


“Quote:” Success is born out of Faith, an undying Passion, and a Relentless drive." Being Black is definitely one of my favorite things about myself. Now that I am a Black Business owner, it is such an honor to be able to express myself fully within my work and also encourage my fellow black people to reach for their goals. We all have experienced so much pain and anguish over decades. It’s time for our work to shine just as bright as everyone else’s. I chose the name “Queen Cakez” for my business because I want to stand proud as a black woman, a QUEEN honey! I hope that others who witness my creations know and feel that love and warmth just as any black woman would share with people who cross her path. I’m so excited for this year and all of the hearts i will be able to touch through baking these delicious cakes!


Website: Instagram/Cake_Queenz

Harem Beauty Apothecary

Owner Name: Janelle Sands

Brief Business Bio: Spiritual Beauty Company

“Quote:” She says of her original northern home, "amongst so many different cultures, I felt that I had no "culture"[:] I was so wrong. I am so in love with black culture. I love being a black woman, I love black people and I am SO PROUD of US! I feel CHOSEN to be a part of this lineage of warrior men and women who have physically and figuratively freed themselves and empowered other cultures to do the same. Cheers to all of the African Diaspora around the world. Make THIS Black History Month, the best Black history month!"



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