Budgeting for Expensive Items

Updated: Feb 1

“The larger the appliance, the more expensive the fall” IS the saying…right?

Large home items like washer/dryers, AC Units, couches, beds/mattresses,etc. are some of your home's more expensive items and don't they seemingly go out RIGHT when needed the most?

Save yourself the sorrow (and your wallet the tears!) by doing what I do -- a home inventory now of these big ticket items and their depreciation/renewal status so you can start budgeting today for items that need replacement. By doing this - you'll save hundreds! I swear by this schedule and try and use it each year to its full extent. I hope you get great use out of it too! Let me know in the comments.

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Jenn Thatcher Art, $$$$

To save major moolah on Mattresses + iPhones

Shop in September! Mattress retailers all have sales during the month of September, and if you can wait around on bedding and linens - those go on sale after New Years Eve. Apple releases the next iteration of the iPhone in the early fall, typically September as well.

On TVs + Electronics

TVs and electronics go on sale right before the Super Bowl, which this year is February 7th, so look for TVs to go on major sale (like more than Black Friday type deals here) the first week of February.

On Holiday Decor

The day after holidays are the best days to get holiday decor. Some people may not want to store more holiday decor, which I totally get - but, this is when I get decor for the next year at such great prices.

On Apparel

Get each season's apparel on the cheap by simply waiting two months for the current season's clothes to be out on the retailer's floor. Retailers will need to start putting out the next season's new arrivals and will need to get rid of what's in stock. Things will start to go on sale and you can snag that new top you want for ~25-35% off its original price!

Fall Apparel - September

Spring Apparel - May

Summer Apparel - July

Winter Apparel - February

Pro Tip: Sign up for your favorite retailers email subscriptions to be sure you're in the know on the best sales and to get VIP access and coupon codes.

On Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts can get expensive, especially if you wait until the last minute - everything in your price range can be bought up! No matter when the wedding is, I've got you covered! You just have to be a little crafty with the sales and you can get some great deals. `

January hosts some fantastic bedding + linen (including towels!) sales, which are always on the bride-to-be's gift list. Small kitchen appliances go on sale in May and there's always Amazon Prime Days/Black Friday (October/November) every year too. Different from any other year, however, are the other Black Friday-esque sales that retailers are putting on in 2021 in July. Amazon is rumored to be doing another Prime Day in July as well as Nordstrom's annual Anniversary Sale that is iconic for home decor.

On Furniture

You can catch huge savings on furniture during Memorial Day Sales as well as home items and decor. These sales typically last about a week long, so be sure to do your research to get the best deal - don't just grab up the first thing you see! Be on the lookout in October for outdoor furniture to go on sale so your outdoors can be just as home-y as the inside.

On Some Other $$$ Items

I hope this was helpful, here's a few other items that go on sale that are good to know about:

Spring Cleaning Products and Items (like vacuums) - April

Lingerie - June

Big Appliances - September/Labor Day Sales

Let me know in the comments below if this post was helpful!

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