Christmas Tree Tutorial

Updated: Feb 1

I LOVE Christmas. I mean, who doesn't but I really enjoy coming home to a decorated house full of Christmas cheer - it just makes life a little bit more joyous, you know?

Since I was a bit behind on shooting Thanksgiving content for the blog, I wanted to be sure to get a head start on Christmas content so I wasn't rushing and I could get content out to you guys when you really needed it. Originally, I wasn't going to post this tutorial until the day after Thanksgiving (that's normally the day I pull all of my Christmas decor out!). But, last week I started getting a lot of comments and questions about the first Christmas tree I decorated for my house and turns out - most of y'all are ready to start decorating too!

For this tree tutorial I honestly had to film this twice. The first video was over 30 minutes long and then at the very end I tried to pick up my phone to show a close up and accidentally ended the video.... SO, this one is a much shorter video (under 12 mins) and also why I decided to not start the video with a completely blank tree. If y'all want me to post the entire 30 minute video that shows me decorating the tree from start to beginning - just let me know! I tried really hard in this video to talk more about technique and what I do rather than y'all watching me decorate.

Before you jump into the video - I want to point out a few tips to remember from the video regarding the 4 Step Process that I use when decorating my Christmas trees:

  1. Tree Toppers

  2. Look for different textures and heights

  3. Stick the picks straight down the tree

  4. Ribbons

  5. For any tree, I like to use two different color/types of ribbon

  6. For a 7 1/2 foot tree you'll need about 2-3 spools of ribbon

  7. Florals and Sprays

  8. Twist your sprays and florals together to insert them into the tree

  9. Stick the florals and sprays upward rather than downward like the tree toppers

  10. Ornaments

  11. Try using 4 different sizes of ornaments and starting with the largest first, work your way inside to outside of the tree with the larger ornaments more hidden in the branches and the specialty/smaller ornaments on the outer limbs of the tree to stand out

Let me know in the comments below if this was helpful and be sure to ask any questions that I didn't answer. Chances are if you don't get something - others don't either and I want to be as helpful as possible!


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