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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

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Richmond Antique Gold Frame

One of my very favorite things about going home for the holidays is seeing my grandparents. They’re in their late 70s, about to be 80, and are getting up there in years. I am so, so close with them and hate that I don’t get to see them often. COVID has really thrown a wrench in things as my grandparents are, rightly so, very on edge about the virus. I’ve spoken with my Granddaddy about it and he relates it back to Polio – a virus that ravaged his schoolmates and something he suffered the consequences of his entire life. He just had surgery this year to correct his life-long foot problem.

One of the things I love to get my grandparents, as well as Martin’s grandmother (aka my officially adopted other grandmother – I ADORE Nina), are always beautifully framed photos. These are memories that they can look back on and cherish and are always something they tell me they’d love as a present each year. I’ve been mulling this over in my head lately because its honestly so expensive to take something to Hobby Lobby to have it professionally framed. Granted, you could print the photo out at Walgreens and put it in a $15 Target frame (which is still great!) but Framebridge really makes it worth the extra money it costs for the professional framing.

I wanted to try out Framebridge before I started buying for Christmas, but didn’t really have any idea of what to use. When RBG died I thought it would be the perfect time to both memorialize RBG and have a test run before Christmas with Framebridge.

I’m so glad I did!

The process is honestly so simple and the frames are GORGEOUS! You can upload photos directly from social media or your computer – I picked out THIS PHOTO from my Instagram and uploaded it directly onto Framebridge. It couldn't possibly be simpler.

After uploading the digital photo from Instagram onto the Framebridge site, you can then picked out a frame and matting that best suits the image. It actually came super fast and it was delivered to my house ~10 days later, which in this COVID climate - is super fast.

The frame I chose for this RBG photos was the Richmond Antique Gold Frame. I also chose the white mat with black lining around the photo to make it pop and contrast with the lighter, pastel color scheme.

I'm super happy how they came out. When it arrives in the mail, it also comes fully ready to mount on the wall with the string hung professionally on the back as well as a place to nail the photo to the wall. Both my grandparents (especially my grandmother) and Martin's grandmother, Nina, always LOVE to receive photos of Martin and I at big events or traveling.

For Christmas, I’m framing this photo from our wedding where I'm hugging both my Gran and Granddaddy (see below) for my grandparents - its seriously one of my VERY favorite photos ever. I consider my maternal grandparents like a third parent. I've never lived more than 30 minutes from them my entire childhood and spent many, many a Friday night with them growing up (Friday was my parent's date night!) and am super bonded with them both.

For Martin's Nina (his grandmother) I'm framing a photo (see below) of Nina, me (when I was President of my local Jr. League chapter) along with a few other Past Presidents from Nina's generation. Nina was VP of Membership Development (basically 2nd in command) in the same League I was President of - just 60 years prior! This is something really special to the both of us and we cherish our memories in League and trade stories all the time. I can't say how much I adore Nina and truly think of her as my second Grandmother now (my dad's mom passed from pancreatic cancer when I was 12).

Framebridge also frames more than just photos and I one day (when I save enough up!) want to have my husband's Grandfather's spur collection that dates back to the 1800s mounted and framed for safe keeping. There aren't many places that you can do this at and its perfect if you need something special or uniquely shaped as you can send pretty much any item in and they’ll frame it.

Once you logon, it may seem pricey (~$65); however, I've learned from experience that taking things to Hobby Lobby to get framed is 2/3s more expensive than using Framebridge PLUS you don't have to add on costs like, "what type of glass/woodframe/etc. do you want?"

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