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I've been wanting to do a closet makeover for a WHILE now and starting the Extra is just the push I needed to actually start. However, the more I talked with Martin the more I decided against a crazy expensive rehaul as we want to move soon-[ish]. So, I set out to organize my tiny room into a full-on closet and specifically focused on using organization and storage hacks for storing a lot in a small space. I thought this would be especially great for those moving into their first apartment with a roommate (or a boyfriend!) where there isn’t a ton of space for closet items.

So, I dove into Etsy, Pinterest, all the furniture and container storage sites out there - and quickly got overwhelmed. Before I went crazy, I reached out to Dianna at Palm Co. to help with my organization + storage needs - and I'm SO happy I did! We had the best time planning + implementing this project. Dianna and her team are not only great at what they do – they’re genuinely great people to be around. I cannot recommend her and her team more – you will not be disappointed and they are incredibly reasonably priced.

I'll include Dianna and Palm Co.’s contact information at the bottom of this post so you can reach out and use her too! SERIOUSLY, you’re going to want to use them – they already have a wait list and when we move I’m absolutely hiring her to help me with our new house.


Before a big reveal - its always great to be reminded of what the space looked like before you put in all that work making it shine. And my closet has been under secret construction since September. Take a peek at the "Before" in the photos + short video below

And, without further ado, the "After" photos!


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Shoe Benches

Like I said, I wanted to really focus this project on getting the most bang for your buck out of a small space. You may be thinking – Taylor, an ENTIRE closet is NOT a small space, but I’d very much argue it is if you’ve ever seen my wardrobe. Though it is ridiculous, I do try and keep the rule “one in, one out” so that my closet doesn’t get too stuffed and I ALWAYS do a spring cleaning to prune it too. Even still, I know I have a LOT.

Palm Co.

Dianna (325) 261-3986 or contact her via FB!


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