Closet Reveal

Welcome to the first installment in my Home Series!

I can't tell you how excited I am to finally show off my Closet Room! It's the first room in our new place that I wanted to get together. I needed to completely redo what I had configured in. our old apartment due to having so much more space now, but I really love how it came out.

I don't put this post out here to say, "Oh look at me and all I have!" It's more that I feel incredibly blessed and honestly need the space now that I have a blog. I need space to dedicate to shooting, blog writing, and looks. I also need a place to retreat that feels calming and happy when I'm stressed out. It's MY SPACE.

We also don't have kids (and don't want them!) and I get to spend a lot of extra money and time dedicated to myself rather than little ones. My husband, Martin, doesn't really care. His "space" is his new office space and I'll decorate it to his liking when we get into our new space. So, suffice to say he doesn't care that I've dedicated an entire room of our house to my closet area.

Again, I know I'm lucky

One thing I do want to point out is that I did keep all of my organization and storage from my old office, which I blogged about in detail here on small space saving tips. You'll want to go there for all of my in depth storage and organization tips for smaller spaces like closets. This post does contain a few of those items, but is focused more on the decor since that's what I've substantially changed up.

I'm dying to answer your questions and comments and would love to know what you think!










Details Behind the Family Crest

My husband, Martin, and I both have Scottish heritage and I've always wanted to get him a family crest made. Our 5th Anniversary was the perfect time and I had just discovered Simply Jessica Marie a few months prior (she makes the most beautiful paper products and stationary (you can see my personalized stationary from her on Instagram here!).

Jessica makes this process SO easy - she has everything laid out on her website in an easy to digest format and it literally took a 15 minute phone call for her to get all of the details together about Martin and I to create our custom piece. You choose from several floral crest foundations: hydrangeas (this is the one I got), garden party, peonies, white floral, magnolia, + peonies and garden roses. From there you add in your custom icons and add-ons and - BAM done. So easy and SO worth every single penny.

I chose the