Closet Tour, Part 2: Hair Accessories

Growing up being a vastly understated tomboy.....[? I was a super cute child] I was, and am, a hot mess express at any and all times. 

I honestly didn’t think too much about what “my style” was or what that exactly meant. What I didn’t understand then, and what I I’m beginning to understand now – is that style is a fluid, ever changing ebb and flow. Its specific, yet vague. It’s breaking fashion faux paws that were never meant to be taken seriously anyway, and not thinking a thing of it. 

Style is uniquely you. It is your essence and a self-reflection of who you may be inside [intentional or not]. It's cuffing your sleeves, accessorizing an outfit with giant baubles and pearls, it's making the decision to wear heels over flats. Those little details come together to put the entire outfit together - and make it look perfectly you! Fashion are trends and year-to-year/season-to-season wear that comes and goes. These are my fast and loose definitions anyway.

People can be fashionable and trendy, but I aim to style my clothes and life into something altogether different. I don’t want anyone to be able to look at a photo and tell the exact year it was taken based on the clothes I'm wearing. I want to be remembered for timeless style that grows and changes with me as I get older and as I move into different phases of my [badass] life. 

The past few years, my “stylist” brain has been drawn to 60s and 90s inspired clothes and accessories, but with a little bit of an edge/rock vibe here and there. I guess I first adored Fred Jones ascot on Scooby Doo and I doo still adore a colorful necktie. [ha!] I love a black choker with combat boots and especially a white go-go bootie. I love monochromatic outfits - all white + all black. I love textures and print; the way the fabric feels when you're wearing it. I love a winter white as much as summer white. And I dare someone to tell me I can’t rock any look - as long as I feel confident I the clothes - the attitude tends to follow. ;)

On to what you came for -- the closet tour, part 2! I posted this on my stories the other day and got a ton of hits, so I wanted to save this as a place for you to reference.

Lele Sandoughi Headbands (Similar): 1 2 3 4

Similar Scarves & Ties can be found at I'm With the Band - a brand I just found and am now obsessed with! Its a woman founded and owned company + based out of LA - that makes the best quality bows/ties I've seen. Hands down. Super quality product that is highly functional and super cute!  

BONUS -- Sunnies Reveal [linked below]

[& will update with #NSale purchases asap!]

Wanna see more details? Something different?? Let me know!

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