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Updated: Apr 17

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Did you know TODAY is National Stress Awareness Day? I know what you're thinking - so what, who ISN'T stressed to the max right now. I know I am. You probably don't need a reminder to be aware of stress -- but, at the same time it is important to check in with yourself and the ones you care about every now and then. Even if you think you (or they) don't need it. Maybe especially because you don't think they need it.

A recent survey found that about two-thirds of U.S. workers report engaging in behavior such as drinking or crying regularly in order to deal with stress. Re-read that. "behavior such as drinking or crying regularly" WHAT?! That's insane. But, this gut-punching reminder is great as a pre-alarm clock that we ALL need to pay more attention to our health. We are ALL dealing with it - especially now after/during COVID. It will be weird and hazy for a while still. And remember - it's always okay to reach out for help.

The American Institute of Stress, stated in February 2021:

Stress and sleep are intrinsically linked: High levels of stress can negatively impact sleep, just as, in a cruel twist of irony, a lack of sleep can increase stress levels.

P.S. If you're looking for ways to sleep easier, head on over to my post about 4 ways to really get restful, effective sleep here.

I've been taking a part in a month long challenge where we essentially do something to ground ourselves - whether that be to meditate, write a letter/journal, listen to music, it varies - everyday for around 5-10 minutes. Its been really eye opening how I look forward to those daily email reminders, and read every single word. I finish the daily email feeling refreshed and energized. FROM READING AN EMAIL?! Yeah, but it really has been neat. We all have 5-10 minutes a day for ourselves - and it pays off!


1. Stress can help — sometimes

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, “stress can motivate people to prepare or perform and might even be life-saving in some situations.”

2. It’s sickening — literally

People under stress – especially those prone to chronic stress — are more susceptible to a variety of ailments, from headaches and insomnia to high blood pressure and heart disease.

3. Stressed? Here’s why

A survey by the American Psychological Association found that the five factors most often cited as a source of stress were money, work, family, economic outlook and relationships.

4. America’s highest and lowest stress states

A report on WalletHub found that the most stressed-out states in America are Louisiana, New Mexico and West Virginia. The least? Minnesota, North Dakota and Utah.

But, enough doom and gloom - let's do a Spa Package Giveaway to help you brush off those stress-filled blues!

Spa Package Giveaway

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To toast the holiday, I thought what better way than to do a Spa- based giveaway package! Whatever amount of time you can get away for - whether that be a day/night/hour - use this package as your at-home spa getaway. Included in this BOMB package are the following items:

Which of these are YOU most excited about?

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