Easter Basket Ideas for Littles

I know I say it all the time -- but I LOVE holidays. My family always did Easter big - complete with an Easter egg hunt as soon as my siblings and I got up, we opened our Easter baskets, and then we'd go to Church. The older I got, the more into soccer I became and with it came early morning soccer games during Easter weekend - but we'd still always have our same traditions, even if they were a few hours off.

This is one thing I really appreciate about my family. No matter what we were doing or going through - when the holidays rolled around it just didn't matter. We'd be together and we'd be celebrating .... whatever it was. In a time when connection and intimacy with loved ones is so far and few between - we should savor all of these moments.

So, in that effort - I came up with an Easter Basket for Littles (primarily around Toddlers ages) as my best friends kids are now (gasp!) toddlers!! I love to spoil them and treat them like the queens and kings that they are. It doesn't matter much to me that they aren't really mine! My bests know they're stuck with me forever haha

Take a look at the graphic below and let me know what you think! These are just a few gift ideas, but what I loved SO much were the baskets and basket custom tags you could hang on their baskets. I think these are such great things to invest in as you can reuse these every single year and don't have to commit to any one basket. I think they're especially great for boy moms who want that cute photo, but have the boy that doesn't want anything "gushy" or "girly" on his basket - its so simple to just take off!


What's your favorite gift item?

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If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email at trtomanka@gmail.com or drop a comment below!

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