16 of the Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Jun 2

Top Gifts for Dads, Stepdads, Grandads and Like-a-Dads this Fathers Day (2021)

This Father's Day, don't get your dad the same old, tired tie (unless its one of Vineyard Vines fun animal ties linked below!) gift - get him something he actually wants! These gifts are all man approved by Martin, my hubby, and I've even included which products were his favorites as well as sustainable gift options for those that care!

2021 has been a rough year already (and we aren't even half way though!), Dad deserves something nice this year for all of the sh!t he's put up with this year (lets be honest). This gift guide is sure to spark your imagination, but if it doesn't check out these other Father's Day Gift Guides I put together for the dads that are kinda one-sided about what they like to get:

Check out 16 of the BEST Father's Day Gift Ideas:

1. Etsy Monogrammed Mousepad

Listed on my graduation guide for guys, this is one of the top purchased options so this is sure to be a winner! Besides, we all know our guy's office needs a bit of class - or really any sort of decoration, in any way.

2. Brickell Men's Face Wash [sustainable option]

Martin enjoyed this face wash and I can never get him to use products like face wash on purpose. So, I guess win?!

3. Poopourri Original Citrus

You can never go wrong with this one - guys get a kick out of it and us gals reap allllll the reward. Believe me this is a STAPLE in our house. It's in all of the bathrooms - just in case. Plus, get 10% off your order with code TAYLORT10!

4. Harrys Starter Shave Kit [sustainable option]

Martin was SUCH a grump when I ordered Harry's razors for the first time. He started using them v begrudgingly and now uses his Harry's razor every. single. day. In my book, that's a winning gift. I also love that you can get razors delivered at your own pace (Martin's come every three months) depending on how often you have to shave and need to replace your razor.

5. Balla for Men - Guaranteed Winner

For real - this is my husbands very favorite thing out of the whole bunch. He sings to hisself as he puts it on. He'd DIE if he knew I said that - but for real - he love, love, LOVES this product. And for 20% off your order use code THEEXTRA20.

6. Manspray in Manchuli [sustainable option]

Manspray gifted us all three of the Manspray options to try out. At first, the smell is loud - but when its actually put on - it smells so good. Way better than normal deodorant. P.S. our favorite is the Manchuli!

7. Nomad Base Station (Wireless Charger) [sustainable option]

This charger is called the Base Station for a reason - its super fast and will charge two phones at once, so you can share with your hubby! Or you can charge your own phone and your own EarPods (or whatever!) at once. ;)

8. Nomad EarPods Case [sustainable option]

This EarPods case just grows better with age with its worn leather. I honestly love this company and its sustainable travel mission. Everything they make is of incredible quality and will lasts for years and years.

9. Nomad Laptop Case [sustainable option]

I own this laptop case and LOVE it. The top has a magnetic closure that keeps the top shut without the need for bulky zippers. You can also charge your laptop WHILE its inside of the case with its well thought out design. Its honestly the sleekest, chicest laptop case I've been able to find on the market. This is one of those gifts that dad will actually use and enjoy over and over again.

10. Scruffy Jacks Beard Care [sustainable option]

Scruffy Jack's Beard Balm + Beard Oil will help your man tame his beard strays. To tell you a. bit about how good this stuff is: I asked my husband and his friends to test out some men's care products for me to test out. I should have seen what was coming - this one was a huge winner with scruffy guys and none of these products even made it back home with him. If it can make grown men fight over it and hide it in their suitcase (cough cough Ben Atkins) - it's probably pretty good.

11. Wolf Project Sheet Masks [sustainable option]

Because men have to relax too! And you know your man is actually really jelly that you pamper yourself so well. Might as well invite him in on your spa nights now too! At least your spa days will make for great photos and memories!

12. MVMT Watch

How sick is this watch?!? And you honestly can't beat the price! Only $125 for a watch that looks 4 times the price. I can safely say this without Martin reading this, but I'm definitely getting him one of these watches in the next few months or so. He's been begging me for a nice watch (and ummm NICE men's watches are as much as a small child on the black market?!?) and this will do just the trick until he can afford something really nice. There's also a matching one for women that I HAVE to have! But, really wouldn't we look SO cute in matching watches?! Just saying. ;)

13. Cardon Daily Moisturizer with SPF [sustainable option]

Okay, this is the one thing that Martin asked for specifically when I was coming up with men's care options. He wanted to try a face moisturizer because his skin gets so dry in the colder months and into the spring. Its so bad he borrows my chapstick and hand lotion constantly! He loves this brands moisturizer and I love that it comes with SPF for his delicate ginger skin.

14. Rhone socks, t-shirt and briefs

Rhone is a all-American, classic brand that makes incredibly high quality essential items like socks, tee shirts, and briefs. I have a pair of their socks and I wear them literally over and over again. They are such great quality - you can tell by the texture and feel of the fabric on your feet! As many white tees as your man goes through - just do yourself a favor and get him one that's actually nice and not from CostCo or Dillards (like he picked out).

15. Vineyard Vines Ties

This Burger and Fries tie is so cute and will have everyone stopping and asking what's on his tie. My husband loves these Vineyard Vines ties and any tie with little animals and icons on them. They're literally the only ties he owns now. They make themed ties for every holiday, event, and season and you really can't go wrong. I recently got my father-in-law a cycling-related tie (because duh, he cycles) and I've gotten Martin several legal-related and/or politically themed ties. He can't get enough of them (really you should see his closet).

16. CrystalClearMemories

Based in Tampa Florida, CrystalClearMemories.com offers a huge selection of personalized, laser-engraved 3d photo gifts for Fathers Day and every holiday or milestone. There's something for every budget. Dads will LOVE a family photo, favorite milestone or memory, or even their favorite pet, in lifelike sparkling 3D to show off on their desk, fireplace mantle, bookshelf or table although there is also a keychain option at a lower price point. What really sets CrystalClearMemories.com apart from other companies who sell engraved Fathers Day gifts like these photo crystals, is their service and support. They are so customer-centric! All US orders ship free and they'll redo the item if you aren't happy once it arrives (although their preview feature in the buying process ensures you can view your item in all its custom gift glory before you checkout and hand over your money). Plus, if your crystal breaks, you will receive a hassle-free replacement re-at no cost. Support is friendly and responsive. If you order a 3d photo crystal, I recommend adding a light-up base to your order. The light truly brings your 3d photo to life for the ultimate 3d experience! Visit CrystalClearMemories.com to shop laser-engraved 3D photo crystals today. Special Offers from CrystalClearMemories:

  • Personalize any (2) 3D Photo Crystals to SAVE 25% off both! Great gift for parents, grandparents or best friends! Code: 25OFFTWO. Valid until 11/01/21.

  • Memorial Day Storewide Sale! Take 15% off any 3D photo crystal or light-up base with code MEMORIAL15. Offer ends May 31.

  • Save $10 on personalized Father's Day photo gifts at CrystalClearMemories.com with minimum order of $70+! Use code DAD10. Ends 06/30.

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