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Updated: Jan 23

We're nearing the end of January, the first month out of 2020, and so far -- so good? Things seem to be looking up in the world (even if its more ups and downs than just ups) and keeping in line with my Word for the Year - CONNECT - I'm co-hosting a Galentines Day Party with a good friend of mine to reconnect with friends we haven't seen in a while. And while your party doesn't have to be "no boys allowed" - this guide will give your guests major style envy no matter who you invite.

I do want to note that while we are having this Galentines Party in-person, we will be adhering to COVID policies, be staying outdoors, chairs will be six feet apart, and we'll be under 10 people. My co-host and I also recently were tested, got negative results, and will be pretty much quarantining until the party. We're planning everything via text/emails/Pinterest. While these aren't perfect parameters (believe me Martin has been bitching at me), my co-host and I have tried our best to make it as safe for everyone as possible.

I'll also be posting a guide on how-to have a Virtual Galentines Happy Hour in case you want to still have a Galentines, but on a smaller and safer scale. In the meantime, shop my Galentines Party supplies for your own event - at home or in-person! I've even included some kid's valentine cards and kid's craft in case you have friends (like me!) with little ones that need something to do while their mom drinks "mommy juice" with me! Ha! Also, most everything is from Amazon and is all still available to ship in time for an early February party.


Tea Towels l Placemats l Art Print l Foil Balloons l Garland 1, 2, 3 l Invite l Platter 1, 2 l Coasters l Notepads l Vase l Pampas 1, 2 l Faux Red Baby's Breath l Love Light-Up Sign l Gnomes l Kid's Valentine Cards l Kid's Craft l Pillows l Personalized Gift Box l Heart Sweater

DIY Pampas Decor

I used Pampas grass in my décor for Christmas this year since I went with a pink and red color scheme and absolutely loved how it turned out. It also made it easier to clean Christmas up when I got to leave out (I just rearranged it and added some other flowers I had to make it more pink) my beautiful pampas arrangement!

The top photos are of how I used pampas grass for Christmas along with how I'm using it with faux flowers around the house for Valentines.

Since I loved how it turned out looking and it was so, so easy – I thought this would be a great/fun thing to do during a Galentines Day party especially since it translates over Zoom so well if you’re having a virtual Galentines party this year! I’ll be posting that guide later this week! Just let your friends know ahead of time to order some pampas off of Amazon and they can use a vase they have a home if they don’t want to purchase one.

How-To DIY Pampas Decor

  1. First, get a vase that embodies your style. Pampas grass can easily make a statement the more you add. so you want to make sure the vase you use works well with the style of your home and that it reflects the room’s vibe. All of the vases I’ve linked are from Amazon so you can get them super-fast and in time for February! I love plain glass vases (like the amber one above) that are just a little bit different for a pop of personality in a highly functional (and easily repurposed!) item.

  2. Next, grab your pampas grass! The first time I made this fun décor (you can see it in my Christmas Home Tour) I made the mistake of grabbing the dried grass at Michaels while on a Christmas run, but ended up ordering more online at Amazon for literally half the price. So, just order it all from Amazon and be done with it! You can also use rabbit tail grass or Palm Fans for a different texture and look.

  3. Cut and arrange the grass at all varying heights. The fun thing about styling pampas grass is it doesn’t fall over like a flower would, so you can really play with height here if you are styling a bookshelf or something else.

  4. Gift to a friend for Valentines, display in your home, or use it for your Galentines Day Party!

I hope you enjoyed this preview of my Galentines Party décor as well as a fun activity to do online with friends or by yourself for your home décor. Check back soon to see how everything was styled at the party as well as my virtual Galentines guide I’ll be posting later on next week.

Let me know what you think in the comments or email me at I always look forward to hearing from y'all!

*I may make a small commission off of any links you click on when you purchase an item, but pinky promise - all opinions really are my own.

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