Galentines Day

I adore holidays - even the fake and commercialized ones. Holidays are a time to connect and in a time where we're not getting enough of just that - connection and intimacy - Galentines Day is another great excuse to have a #covidfriendly get together.

Recently, I won a silo rental at a local winery called the Mill, which used to be a working grain silo and now they use the original silo tops as pagodas. I reached out to one of my best friends, Amanda, who is legit a real life Martha Stewart in Loubs, to help plan a fun girls-only party with some friends we haven't seen in well...quite some time.

So, we busted out our best covid-safety skills and made this as sick-free as possible:

  • We invited 8 people (not everyone came) so that, including Amanda and I, we would always be at 10 or under.

  • We hosted at a facility that is (where we were) fully outdoors and required masks if you got up from your seat or walked around.

  • We rimmed the silo with chairs rather than having tables and chairs grouped together and in close proximity to each other. This way, each person was able to sit with a seat in between each person.

  • Everyone arrived and left with masks and were persons we felt had been respecting the covid/mask rules during quarantine.

We did everything we could think of to make the event as safe as humanly possible.

Amanda and I - the Hostesses

And because you can't have an event without decorations and favors - and also because both of us have been ITCHING to host something - I've got some fun favors and Galentines day decor to show off.

Our Favors included:

  • Relaxcation Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

  • Face Mask

  • Heart-Shaped Eye Masks

  • Pink Diamond Topped Pen

We split the cost of the decor and favors too, if you were wondering - but Amanda definitely worked harder than I did on the heart-shaped macaroons on top of the red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting - all homemade. Meanwhile, everything I did included purchasing something.

Hearts and pink pendant punches are Cami Monet, and my leopard monogrammed tray and pink paper ginger jar placemats are TaylorBeachDesign.

We also had champagne and appetizers ready for guests (with plates and napkins for everyone to take to their seat) and each guest kept track of their champagne glass the whole night.

We had a great time and were all home early!

You can scroll through the details of our Galentines Day below!


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