Gifts for Co-Workers

Co-Workers are hard to buy for - you don't want to spend an arm and a leg if you have 50 employees so I've included some gifts under $15, but if you have one or two employees (like me...) I've included a bit more expensive items as well. If there's anything I've learned in business, its that you treat your co-workers (especially assistants) with the utmost respect and love. These are the perfect gifts and they can put them all at their desk.

Etsy - Etsy never fails! The Monogram Mug, Monogrammed Mousepad, and Monogrammed Tumbler are all under $15 each if you want to treat a bunch of co-workers!

Simply Jessica Marie - The BEST thing about SJM's calendars is that on the flip side of each month is a beautiful piece of art that you can frame when the month is over! I ordered one for my office and I'm SO excited to get it.

Jaye's Studio - This gold bamboo frame looks so much more expensive than it really is (especially on sale!). This would look great on your assistant's desk!

Giddy Paperie - I guess it depends on what business your in, but at my law firm we still use clipboards and they get stolen around the office. No need for that when this is clearly your employee's new clipboard.

Evelyn Henson -In case you can't spring for the SJM Calendar, here's a less expensive option.

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