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The Gifts for Her Gift Guide is for any woman in your life.

Dellrose - I did a whole blog post about how to style the Dellrose scarfs several different ways here - definitely check it out before you buy so you can see all the different ways to wear this accessory. All of their scarfs are made in Lake Como, Italy and are 100% Italian silk. Use code EXTRA20 to get 20% off your purchase. I'll be purchasing one of these for my grandmother, as well as Martin's grandmother.

TopShop - Oh, TopShop. One of my favorite brands. I actually got this jacket at the Nordstrom Annual Sale this summer and I bet it goes on sale during their Black Friday event again. Its a different take on the leather jacket and I love, love, love it.

Ugg - These Ugg slippers are such a GIFT when my husband freezes me out every night at home before we go to bed. I got mine on sale a month ago at Anthropologie, however, I've linked the same exact Uggs but at Nordstrom as the retailer is supposed to have better Black Friday sales than Anthropologie this year.

Rebecca Minkoff - I've been a huge fan of Rebecca Minkoff for years. Her designs and styles remind me a bit of Tory Burch but at a cheaper price point. I have a few of her purses and they withstand the test of time and weather well. She also has fantastic Sample Sales a few times a year, which is where I've gotten my purses in the past.

Barefoot Dreams- I am SO hooked on these blankets its not even funny. I heard about them a few years ago from another blogger who was just swearing up and down how worth it they are (they can be a bit pricy which is why I always get mine during the Nordstrom Annual Sale or Black Friday) so I gave them a try. Two years later and I personally own 3 blankets and even got my husband one which he takes back and forth from our bedroom to the living room he secretly loves it so much. I personally take one of mine on every single long car ride or trip and never regret it because they are machine washable (or dry clean) and they come out feeling as soft as ever. This would be a great gift for your mom, sister, or grandmother.

Sewcialite - You may have seen me rocking this fall clutch and the same designer, Roula, makes beaded earrings as well and JUST dropped her beaded bow line. I ordered these gold bows earrings and cannot wait to get them in to wear to holiday events.

Cami Monet - Even your most basic friend will love the acrylic sticks X Cami Monet collection of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes stir sticks. Seriously how precious are these??

MacKenzie-Childs - I first heard about MacKenzie-Childs in college when I couldn't really afford it. But I really got hooked on it when I discovered my mother-in-laws expansive collection. Literally for the first three years Martin and I were married she just asked us to get her pieces for her collection to complete it and she's now moved on to silver she has so much MC. I personally adore the Royal Check collection (the blue and white) because our wedding dinnerware is blue and white and it just goes better with what we have, but I really love this black floral pattern too! My go-to gift for friends when they've achieved something monumental (like my friend earning her doctorate last week!). These are iconic pieces that will last forever.

Etsy: This personalized necklace is perfect for a grandchild's name or your new initials after getting married.

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