Gifts for Him

Struggling to find gifts for your husband, father, or father-in-law? Look no further, I've put together the perfect gift guide for any man in your life. Check it out!

For some reason, I'm always STUCK on gifts for my grandfather and husband - everyone else in my family comes so, so easy - even my dad! These holiday gifts for the men in your life are sure to bring a smile to their face.

So, we actually have a few of these items and I wanted to talk a bit about them since I have product experience with them.

  1. Harry's Shaving Kit [Linked, just click on the [+]]: My husband wasn't too pleased when I tried to lovingly [not forced at all...] get him to give up his ugly Walmart razors. He ended up LOVING the actual products (the shaving cream, body wash [his fav], and face wash), but after using it for about a week he did have some important notes. The first time he tried it, he had a thicker beard (and being Scotch-Irish has thick hair) the blade didn't seem to work too great. However, he tried it again a few days later with a lot less hair, more of a stubble and he said it worked great. So, while he does give Harry's two thumbs up, I do caution you that if you don't shave once or twice a week and have an actual beard going - this may not be the razor for you. However, if you shave regularly these are the razors to get and are SO much cheaper than anything else out there. They also have a subscription that sends you razors at your leisure (literally you can choose anything once a month up to twice a year). TBH I wasn't keen on giving up so easily and used the razor myself on my legs and actually loved it.

  2. Courant Plug-less Phone Charger: I got one [the Catch:1 in Saddle] for myself because Martin is constantly stealing my iPhone charger. This one now has a permanent home in our living room for me to use after work and I adore it. It's sleek and modern so it fits with our home and I think the leather just makes it look that much more expensive. Right now, you can get 25% off your first charger plus free monogramming here. I'm definitely getting one for Martin for his office for Christmas.

  3. CalPak [Linked, just click on the [+]]: While we don't own this specific duffle bag, we do own several other CalPak pieces and I'm a huge fan. CalPak is essentially just like Away luggage but is much cheaper (compare the CalPak carry-on $165 and the Away carry-on $225). I own both Away and CalPak luggage and tbh, CalPak is just as durable and the only thing it doesn't have that Away has is the battery. Unless we're going on a plane somewhere, my husband pretty much exclusively uses duffle bags for travel and this one will last your man a long time while looking like he's a grownup.

  4. Clayton + Crume Sunglasses Strap: I have one of these to giveaway! Look for it during the first week of December. If you don't happen to win, order one from the site and everything they have is monogrammable - for free!

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