Gifts for In-Laws

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Who else has the hardest time shopping for in-laws? If it was up to my husband to buy gifts for his parents, they would be getting the same thing every year: a biking gift certificate for his dad and a MacKenzie-Childs piece for his mom. Thankfully, I have a bit more taste than that and, altering putting some thought into it, came up with these gifts.

Evelyn Henson - Art Print of Your Dog

She can create the best looking rendition of your in-laws pup I've seen out there. I think its an unwritten rule that in-laws have to have animals that they're obsessed with, right? Mine have King Charles Cavaliers and they became the babies when Martin's younger sister moved out for college long ago.

Barefoot Dreams - Robe

This is a steal for anything Barefoot at $99. I love, LOVE this brand and have even gotten Martin hooked on it. Your mother-in-law will LOVE this robe and will probably still have it on when you leave. It's SO good.

Naked Cashmere - Cashmere Socks

These ultra luxe 100% cashmere socks are only $65 right now. It's true - with cashmere on their feet - its impossible to be mean!

MacKenzie-Childs - Colander

Whether you prefer the black/floral version of the colander or the original black and white check, the M-C Colander is a great first gift. Even if your Mother-In-Law isn't into MacKenzie-Childs - she will love it. You can use it so many different ways in the kitchen and it just serves as great kitchen decor that can easily be changed out with the seasons (think lemons in the summer, ornaments in the winter, etc.).

Southern Hospitality - Double Cigar Ash Tray

For the Father-In-Law who has it all - pair this custom $40 ash tray with a cigar he likes (or your best guess! ha) and you're done.

Framebridge - Any Photo + Frame [Digital Photo Ships Within 24 Hours]

Framebridge is the coolest new way to print and hang photos. I'll be talking about it later on in the week and will update from there!

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