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My little sister is an Elementary School Teacher and tbh she’s my inspiration for this Gift Guide (and life inspo – how she does it idk). She normally has taught Fourth Grade but this year was put in Kindergarten, which I think she’s just perfect for (she’s all of 5’2” and 100 lbs. soaking wet on any given day + has the heart of a lion/baby kitten at the same time). She’s the best teacher, but I know she’s struggling this year with all of the changes and restrictions she’s had to go through with teaching during COVID. Teachers have SO MUCH on their plates that I never thought possible right now and they deserve our love and support just as much, if not more, than anyone else right now. Give them a gift you’d love to get yourself and show them how much you appreciate not only how much they are teaching your child in school, but about the impact they will have on your child’s life, creativity, and compassion for others.

Side Note: My sister made sure to have me say that teacher’s do have preferences when it comes to personalizing vs. monogrammed items. She emphasized that they prefer personalized items (“Mrs. X”) rather than monogrammed items (just her last name’s initial). Which tbh is good to know because no teacher is going to be honest with you about that, right?

Amazon – Doorbell Ringer + Case (Etsy)

This gift is straight from my sister’s mouth to your eyes. A wireless doorbell to use to get your classes attention! Can you tell she’s a Kindergarten teacher? Haha There’s also a Doorbell Ringer case [hover over the item and click on the [X]] you can have personalized with your teacher’s name on Etsy – so clearly, this is totally a thing?!

Etsy – Personalized Tumblers + Wine Glass

Wine Glass: Okay, so this wine glass just made me giggle, but tbh it’s the perfect 2020 gift after the tough year these poor teachers have had – I think they’ve MORE than earned a glass of wine (or two!).

Personalized Tumbler: You can totally customize these adorable tumblers with “Mrs. X” and you know she’ll love it. I can’t remember a time, when I was a child in school, that my teacher’s didn’t have a drink on their desk. Teachers are always reaching for “that” cup – you know the one they use everyday. Upgrade hers and she’ll thank you for it!

Taylor Beach DesignsNotecards + Stationary Cards

When I saw these adorable notepads and stationary cards – I knew I needed to get some for my sister! If there’s anything I’ve learned about being the sister of a teacher, it’s that they LOVE crafty/personalized items. Teachers have to pay for literally everything in their classroom and this is one of those items that a teacher wouldn’t splurge on for herself when she needs to buy books, teaching aids, etc. for her kiddos. Teachers can use these to write home notes to parents while looking stylish. Believe me, your kid’s teach will be alllll about these. Taylor’s shop is also a small woman-owned business, which is just something I love supporting, especially after this year and being a small business owner myself.

Simply Jessica Marie - To-Do List

SJM is also a small woman-owned business that I’m, again, going to be a loyal fan of forever. Her designs + product are so beautiful and they just effortlessly style a room or a desk. I love the blue pastel watercolor flowers on this to-do list and, again, think that this is one of those items a teacher would love, but not buy for herself when she has so much to buy for her classroom. And y’all if that doesn’t highlight the servant’s heart of a teacher I honestly don’t know what else does. Teachers deserve so much appreciation, especially after the dumpster fire that is 2020-2021 school year with COVID happening. This is a gift item that is just for her – and she’ll love it! Jessica’s shop is also a small woman-owned business, which is just something I love supporting, especially after this year and being a small business owner myself.

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