Gifts for the Home Edit Buff

If you're one of THE ONLY ONES that hasn't seen the Home-Edit -- stop reading right now and go watch. Seriously! It's so, so good - especially if you're OCD or just super Type A [like me]. If you have seen the show and, again like me, all of a sudden need to organize every inch of your home and everything you own - this is the post for you girl.

I've teamed up with StatiANNEry (isn't Anne's shop name so cute?) to help everyone get organized. You can purchase any of her labels on Etsy here, but my personal favorites are linked [just click on the [+]s on the photo]. She's also the gal behind the Budget Tracker that will be posted on Wednesday to go along with the second installment of #WomanWednesday with @StrategicWoman's how-to guide on how to save money during holiday shopping.

I'll also be doing a Giveaway with StatiANNEry the first week of December, so be sure to follow @theExtraBlog on Instagram to enter!

Just click on the [+] buttons below to go directly to that item in StatiANNEry's shop.

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