Gifts for Toddlers

As you guys know - I do NOT have children, but luckily I'm a surrogate aunt for my two best friends almost two-year-olds. They've been so, so kind and have been answering my baby/kid questions for the past few months to help me do this guide as well as the baby gift guide. So, rest assured these are Mommy Picks and actually exactly what my friends are getting their own kids for Christmas this year.

MiniBonLights - This is another Etsy find, but I have never seen a personalized adorable nightlight like this one and if you have a little one that's just a little nervous in the dark - this is the perfect gift to make her (or him - they have other options) feel better at night while still having a chic nightlight that isn't ugly ruining your decor.

Melissa + Doug: I've heard from SO, so many parents lately about Melissa and Doug puzzles and toys. Even my little sister (who is a Kindergarten teacher) has these puzzles on her Amazon wishlist for our family to buy for her classroom for Christmas. The mop and broom set is also a great way to start to teach kids that chores are important - and can be fun!

The Pink Kitchen set is also from Etsy. This one seems to be a huge hit because both of my best friends are getting similar kitchens for their kids this Christmas. Honestly, I had one as a kid too and I remember absolutely LOVING it. The kitchen sets of utensils and kitchenware are linked on the graphic - just click the [+] button while you hover over the photo image.

CustomGiftsWithLove Puzzle These puzzles are a bit more advanced than just their names and helps with their dexterity and hand eye coordination.

Picasso Tiles - These seem to be a big hit as well and also help with hand eye coordination and dexterity.

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