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My husband and I officially have the travel bug. In the last 5 years, we've been to Thailand, Japan, Kenya, Dubai and all over the United States. Since we've traveled so extensively and in such varying climates and sea levels, we've accumulated quite the travel stash. This is actually one of my more knowledgable areas and I'm stoked to show you what I've learned are the best products to use over the last 5 years.

CalPak [Linked, just click on the [+]]: We got our first piece of CalPak luggage when we were packing for Kenya and Dubai (we did the trips back to back) and realized we needed more luggage the week before we left. We own the Hue (Large) Luggage as well as the Small Hat Box which is perfect for cosmetic bags, shoes, whatever doesn't fit in your carry-on. CalPak is essentially just like Away luggage but is much cheaper (compare the CalPak carry-on $165 and the Away carry-on $225). I own both Away and CalPak luggage and tbh, CalPak is just as durable and the only thing it doesn't have that Away has is the battery. It made it all the way to Africa and the Middle East and back to Texas fully intact - I can't say enough about it.

Clayton + Crume - Rock Glasses and Koozies lay flat in your bag and are super easy to pull out when the flight attendant comes around with the drink cart. ;)

Kitsch - I'm a big fan of this sleep mask and really, sleep masks in general. They're the best way to snag a few Zzz's on the plane and this particular mask is silky (literally) smooth on your skin. You won't wake up with those weird lines on your face and the silk fabric won't rub your face harshly like other fabrics.

Evelyn Hanson - This is actually something I'm dying to get for us. Evelyn makes custom art depicting the places you've traveled to - how stinkin' cool is that!! This is the perfect gift for the travel bug in your life.

Barefoot Dreams - I could literally go on and on and ON about Barefoot Dreams products. I own 3 Barefoot blankets and these socks and there is honestly no amount of money I wouldn't pay for these things. One of the things I ALWAYS bring on a plane are fuzzy socks. I always get cold on the plane and if I plan on sleeping - its a must. These will be heaven for your feet and they're so good you really should get a pair as a gift and a pair for yourself.

Mark + Graham - Packing cubes are life savers and these are totally on sale - and monogrammable.

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