Gifts for Your Grandparents

For some reason, my grandfather is the last person I end up shopping for every year because I never know what to get him! I've included gifts for both grandparents though - no worry! These are sure to put a smile on their faces.

Framebridge - Framebridge is something I've known about for a while, but haven't used until now. Its actually pretty cool - you can literally send in anything and they'll frame it - you can even send in an image from Instagram and it'll show up in your mailbox a week or two later. Its cheaper than having something framed at Michaels (believe me) and 100% worth it. It comes fully ready to mount on the wall and even includes the nail. I used the Richmond frame for my post about it here. Your grandparents are always looking for more photos of their grandkids (don't they all?) so why not give it to them in a beautiful frame that will last!

Jaye's Studio - This frame is a gorgeous gold bamboo frame AND its on sale. Bamboo frames are so expensive, so this is a great deal to snag up!

Etsy - Etsy is full of fun finds. Tell me what grandparent WOULDN'T want stickers made out of their grandkids faces? I dare you to find one. You can engrave a personal message on this wooden keepsake box too. Seriously, these are too cute and your grandparent will die to receive these.

Dellrose - Check out my post on the Dellrose scarves here. They are so chic and beautiful. Made in Lake Como, Italy out of 100% silk - your grandmother will swoon when she puts this on. Take 20% off with Code EXTRA20.

MacKenzie-Childs - My mother-in-law got me hooked on Mackenzie-Childs. She literally owns like the entire collection (#goals). Though these are a bit pricier than your typical gift (some items really aren't, especially on sale!), they are gifts that your grandmother will keep and cherish forever. The teapot is such an iconic, timeless piece and your grandmother will seriously die.

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