Gifts for Your Mom

My mom's birthday is coming up and this is essentially a breakdown of what she asked for...which may have been more than any of us asked for.


This is actually what we ended up getting mom this year. We opted for the facial at Daireds - mom's favorite within driving distance spa! She took me here when I was little and shared gift certificates she got at work with me by letting me get a facial with her. Looking back that was such a sweet thing for her to do and its just really cool to be able to give that back to her the way she did with me when I was little. I can't wait for her to open it!! And don't worry - I won't be sharing this post with her until she gets her gifts!!

Nice Night Cream

My mom prefers Estee Lauder's Night Cream and the one I was going to treat her to is specifically the Resilience Multi-Effect Try-Peptide Face & Neck Cream. At $100 a bottle [for the small size!!!] it's a nicer cream than the one she normally goes for, but one she always wants! It's such a treat to get premium items like this, especially the older I get - imagine how mom will feel! Want to learn more about skincare? Join me on my 21 Day Challenge for better skincare and health, starting Oct. 1, 2020.


When it comes to jewelry my mom isn't like me. We have complete opposite taste in jewels! While I prefer bold, bright colorful jewelry, my mom prefers iconic, classic pieces to pair with her wedding ring and Rolex. These are honestly the only pieces she wears consistently! So, while I opt for styles that are more loud and colorful, my mom's go to is always something classic and elegant.

When I found out that one of my mom's birthday wishes was for cute jewelry - my mind immediately went to my new favorite Etsy shop & professional / event-ready jewelry brand: @Mollology@Mollology's jewelry is elegant, perfect for work or a night on the town! They also send backup ear backings with each order. How stinkin' nice is that?! They have been SO kind and wonderful to work with (this is my 6th pair to receive and all have been stunning and in great shape!!) + they're giving one lucky follower a pair of the same earrings I got my mom (shown here + below)! Head on over to the Extra on Instagram to enter.

Cozy Sweater

This Barefoot Dreams sweater is everything & more!! I am an avid fan of the Barefoot Dreams brand and stand by it, price tag and all. I promise its worth it!!

I even got Martin hooked by getting him this Barefoot blanket during the Nordstrom Annual Sale. While he was secretly enamored (he's embarrassed by his love for it!) by his new blanket, I snuck another one into my cart (this one). I bought one at the Sale the year before and have taken it everywhere we go. Its the softest thing and STAYS that way! I love it.

Cute Slippers

These Ugg Slippers are perfect for cold days outside and cozier days inside! Let's be honest, no one wants to buy slippers (especially $100 slippers...) for themselves, but you can spoil mom with a fun pair of Uggs. These Uggs come in Leopard and two shades of pink! I have the same pair of Uggs but in gold metallic and they were sooo cute - for like a month. Then the gold metallic started to flake off in patches. I recommend to not get any metallic Uggs - no matter how precious they are! But, my mom. has the same pair in brown with white fur and has bought them over and over again to replace the pair she had she loves them so much!

Gift Cards to Nordstrom

Nordstrom is my family's favorite store of all time. My mom passed down the tradition shopping in store to me and my sister, especially at Christmas time. Not only does Nordstrom have hands down the best return policy and customer service - you get free shipping ALL THE TME, including on returns. For someone that lives in the middle of West Texas (decently far from a large mall) Nordstrom is a godsend. A gift card to Nordstrom is always a great bet if you're low on time or if your mom is a huge fan like mine!

Boob Job

Because my mom is, well MY mom, she's a BIT much - and this just proves where I got some of my EXTRA-ness! haha

Did I miss anything good? Let me know in the comments below!

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