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My hair has kinda been a touchy subject my entire life [read: super-duper sensitive topic]. Now that I'm older I can understand the benefits, but when I was young - it was the source of so much of my teenage angst and torture. I remember the questions I got growing up about my ethnicity – just because of my kinky hair; this sort of teenage bullying made me really uncomfortable. I'm 1000% White btw and would only dream of not being just Scotch-Irish & E. European.

My skin has also always been a battle. I grew up playing soccer almost every day of the week until my Sophomore year of college and I majorly dried out my skin showering every day. I also didn’t understand [until embarrassingly too recent] how important skincare and moisturizing really is -especially the older you get. What I put into my body and on my skin matters to me, just as much as my hair care.

So, needless to say I take what I put in my hair/skin, on my hair/skin, and who I let touch my hair/skin very seriously. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to sit down with a makeup artist and hair stylist, Lindsay Fergus. Lindsey used to work at the Jean Philippe Salon in Highland Park and recently went out on her own doing on-site hair styling and makeup for professional events and photo shoots. Read my interview below with a professional to give you some beauty tips!


Beauty Interview w/ Lindsay Fergus

Professional Dallas-Based MUA and Hair Stylist

Q: Having a beauty and makeup background - you obviously look fabulous, Lindsey. What is one beauty tip you want to give followers that you see women neglect or not highlight enough when they do their own makeup?

A: They tend to forget to take care of their skin. It’s the foundation of what your building on with your makeup so it needs to be clear, moisturized, and exfoliated regularly.

Q: What's your biggest makeup pet peeve?

A: When women don’t blend their foundation into their throat/neck or their foundation doesn’t match their skin tone. A visit to Sephora or the mall (in-store) can be an easy fix as the in store MUAs can help you match your makeup with your skin tone.

Q: How do you do your own makeup for mask wearing?

A: Skip on the lipstick and heavy foundation. It will rub off on your mask and can cause pimples and blackheads from wearing the mask for longer periods of time. Instead focus on your eyes and brows. If you are an essential worker wearing a mask all day and you have to wear foundation, think about just wearing it on your forehead or use a Tinted Moisturizer, which is lighter and not as heavy.

Q: Gimme a makeup tip for getting the easiest and straightest cat eye - these are key in these mask days, apparently!

A: A straight cat-eye is hard to do and takes time and practice. But, the easiest way is to draw a triangle with your eyeliner and fill it in. The triangle is easier to draw on than a straight line freehand.

Q: Lots of women can't go to the salon right now or at least as much as they'd like to, myself included, how can we keep up the appearance of bouncy, healthy-looking hair?

A: Dry shampoo is your best friend for this! Especially in the Texas heat, dry shampoo can lift your hair and give it volume even when its dirty. Here's a trick! Put dry shampoo in your hair when it’s wet & after rinsing it between shampoos. It gives it great volume!!

Also be sure to buy the right “color” for your shade of hair – some dry shampoo spray is very white-looking and if you’re a brunette like me, you need one that sprays on clear or at least less stark white.

Q: Any tricks to go longer between highlights?

A: You can ask your colorist to mix up a batch or color and pick it up to do yourself at home. There are many salons that are doing this to help clients curb costs and also be hygienic if they are too afraid to go into the salon right now.

Have any questions? Let me know in the comments or email me at with any other feedback or questions!

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