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Growing up my mom had a "birthday" closet full of gift wrap, tape, scissors, and a box of gifts and goodies - was my mom the only one that did this?! - just in case she needed a gift last minute. I can't tell you how many times I watched her pull out her gift box to help me when someone got me a Christmas gift I didn't expect or my soccer schedule got in the way of having time to actually shop for someone's gift - the box handled it all!

Now that I'm grown and have a home of my own, I've continued the tradition of the gift box (to my husband Martin's chagrin) and let me tell you its THE BEST if you are one of those people (like me!) who remember someone's birthday a month ahead of time and then all of a sudden its the day of and I forgot to get something. It's super easy to build too with great deals like these - deals so good you may have to keep some for yourself!

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I do want to point out the Barefoot Dreams Blankets [No. 5 & 7], though a bit steep are honestly one of the best purchases I've EVER made. I have No. 5 and just a plain pink Barefoot Dreams Blanket (both in the King size to fit my bed) and cannot sleep without them. This is embarassing, but I even travel and go on long road trips with it so I can sleep well wherever I am. I bought No. 5 last year and its in just as good of quality now as it was a year ago when I bought it. Out of ALL of the Nordstrom home goods - anything Barefoot Dreams (yes, they even have BD animal vests in the sale!) is hands down going to be your favorite purchase. I know, I sound like a crazy blanket woman over here - but just trust me on this one.

Let me know in the comments below what kinds of gifts you like to receive and give to your besties!

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