How I Styled My Office

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

How I Styled My Office

If you weren't aware, the Extra is actually my second business that I run. I also run a law firm with my husband - Fergus & Tomanka. I've been working on our office for almost two years now but its finally ready for its debut! 

All photos were taken by a dear friend, Mia Barnes, of Blissful Lens Photography. I cannot recommend her enough. Not only did she immediately get the aesthetic design I was looking for she also did a great job putting up with my neurotic tendencies getting this done. See my review of her local business here as part of my #AbileneBusinessScene segment.  

About the Design


Being primarily a family law firm, we have clients that are honestly going through the worst, most emotional time of their life. In order to subconsciously make them feel welcomed and calm, I went with jewel tones and subtle metallics. I really wanted to do the office in jewel tones and focused on blue as the primary tone. I didn't want to veer too feminine with pink or purple for Martin's sake or be too dramatic with greens and yellows.


I also wanted to make the office look a bit more sophisticated and luxe for higher-end clientele. So instead of a wash of monochromatic color, I mixed metals to add depth and richness and brought in organic textures and plants to reduce the sharpness of the tones for an overall calming palette.

Knick Knacks

The office's knick knacks and photos are from Martin and I's travels and life experiences. We've been to Japan, Africa, the UAE, Thailand + many more places together and I've really tried to incorporate those pieces in a eclectic, yet professional manner. 

I put my heart into designing this office - I really hope you enjoy it!

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