How to Make a Fall Center Piece Using only items from Dollar Store, Michaels, + Ross

I got a lot of responses on my Instagram Stories saying you wanted to know how I made my inexpensive fall mantel piece / center piece. ALL of the items seen came from the Dollar Store, Michaels, or Ross. The most expensive thing I got was probably $15, and a lot of it was only $1!

I knew I wanted to do a golden/blue center piece as my dinnerware (for Thanksgiving!) is blue + white so I wanted to be sure it would all mesh together. When I eventually put my Thanksgiving tablescape up (be on the look out for that later!) you'll be able to see more items I scooped up from these inexpensive stores!


  • Two fall vertical door wreaths (in the color/type you desire) [Ross SIMILAR: 1, 2, or 3 ~$10/each]

  • Ribbon (this is the one I got) [Michaels $4.99]

  • Spare Foam Pumpkins [Dollar Store $1 for pack of like 10]

  • Halloween Picks [Dollar Store $1 for pack of like 8]

  • One garland (this is the one I got) [Michaels $7.49]

  • Velvet Pumpkins [Ross Dress for Less $10 & $8] or use real ones!


1. The first part of this piece is the anchor of the whole thing. I bought two vertical door hangers [pictured below, from Ross] and placed them next to each other.

You can connect them; however, be cognizant of how large your center pumpkin is (especially if using real pumpkins as they'll be bigger) and if they need to be spread apart at the very end to fit in the addition of the center pumpkins it may not be worth it.

2. I then took this golden leafy garland [pictured below] and twisted it around the door hangers to loosely conjoin them.

Make sure the leaves are tucked in everywhere - the goal is for it to look like its once cohesive centerpiece.

3. I then took the picks out of the pumpkin picks (not pictured above, but pictured below) and stuck them in the spare foam pumpkins I bought and placed them in my desired spots.

These are the picks before and after taking the foam pumpkin off. At first, I was going to use the pumpkins in the piece, but they were too white and stood out. They made perfect picks for the spare foam pumpkins though!

I cut some of the picks in half to make some of the pumpkins fit better, but the ones that had the longer picks ended up staying in place much, much better.

Place the spare foam pumpkins in various places and using different angles within the center piece.

4. Next, I took my ribbon and measured out how long I needed it (about two feet longer than the length of the piece itself) and cut the ribbon to that length. I then strung it along throughout the piece pretty much the same way I did the gold leaf garland.

This time I was more intentional about how the ribbon popped out on the ends.

5. Finally, I placed my two velvet pumpkins in the center. Again, you can use real pumpkins for this too.


And here’s the finished product!! I hope this was a helpful tutorial for you guys. The key are the two vertical wreaths - that will be your base and foundation. It also makes this a super quick center piece to throw together if you don't have a ton of time to Martha Stewart a phenomenal and authentic center piece for Thanksgiving dinner or just holiday decor.

Let me know in the comments below if this was a fun DIY!

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