How to Mix Patterns + Look Good Doing It!

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Patterns can be tricky, but follow these tips and you're well on your way!

1. Start with one pattern to base the outfit on. This will be the foundation of the entire outfit and what you are decide whether or not other pieces of clothes go with this pattern.

Colored patterns are harder to mix and match, but smaller print is easier. This way, hopefully it gives you a fuller picture of how to mix.  For this I decided to use this green leopard midi skirt from the Loft on 6th. I already gushed here about the Loft on 6th and Dani, but its worth another look!

2. Vary the scale + the pattern of the print

Here I've chosen a bold stripe as my larger print and you can see how the varying sizes of print complement each other rather than offend. The eyes need a place to rest and the white and boldness of the stripes give that feeling of rest.

3. Choose placement wisely + Substitute a solid, if needed

If you're new to the patterns game, this is a great way to start your dive into the Extra world. And sometimes - there IS such thing as TOO much. Throwing on a solid gives the eye a place to rest and allows patterns to shine. But, you'll notice even here I have a pattern on my cream top - polka dot! I can't help it. ;) You can even create the illusion of a solid for example, the neutral tie-die ruffle one sleeve blouse I have on in the photo below.

4. Unify + Evenly Distribute

Here I've tried to unify the color scheme of green and pink and evenly distribute it as a headband, shirt, and heels. As a pro tip: Odd Numbers are your friend + help you evenly distribute different patterns so that the overall outfit is cohesive. 

Have any questions? Let me know in the comments or email me at with any other feedback or questions!

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