Mackenzie Childs Barn Sale Round Up

The MacKenzie Childs Barn House RoundUp was at the end of July and was the FIRST time the iconic brand has ever done an online barn sale. It was the perfect time to buy a few of their pieces that I've always wanted as they don't have a store in the South and everything was on sale! As you look through the photos y notice that I got mainly all Royal Check instead of the Courtly Check (black & white) because our wedding sets are all blue and white and the Royal Check collection matches perfect!   

Everything is linked below that I ordered and MOST, if not all of it, is on sale right now!! Literally run. I've linked everything below so its easy to shop! 

This video is a closer look into what I purchased in my first order. I made two purchases over the few days the sale happened! [haaa] I couldn't help it!

My second box came a few weeks later with these beauties!

I’ve also linked all of the items I bought below!

· Courtly Check Eyeglasses Chain

I got these because I honestly fell in love with my mask chain and I wanted a chain for my glasses at home. I know so nerdy of me, but I adore the courtly check and tortoise shell together!

· Royal Check Tea Kettle - 2 Quart

When I saw that the iconic tea kettle was on sale, I died a little inside and IMMEDIATELY made the purchase! I cannot wait to use this to make tea all the time and decorate my kitchen with it.

And I know this sounds super lame, but

feel like with this purchase I can finally say I have a [small] McKenzie Childs collection! It just makes everything complete for me and reminds me so much of my MIL's in her kitchen.


Royal Check Canister – Large & Royal Check Canister - Medium

I got both the large and medium canister as I already have the small one and I wanted to complete [almost - there's technically a Mini too!] my collection of these adorable canisters. I plan on using these for a lot of different purposes too. I use my small one for small bouquet flowers, candies, cotton balls, the list is endless really.

Daffodil Candle Holder - Ivory & Gold

I may be the most excited about these daffodil candle holders. WOW. They are honestly so stunning and I cannot wait to get the perfect dining room table to put these on. I'm still looking for the perfect candle to put with these - let me know what color you think I should use! 

Royal Check 2" Ribbon

I got two spools of the ribbon to match with some navy and gold flowers I already have for the top of my Christmas tree. For my main Christmas tree this year, I plan on doing a white, blue, and gold theme so this ribbon will be the perfect touch! 

Check Enamel Tumbler - 10 Ounce

I actually picked up this enamel tumbler in the Parchment Check [the tan/yellow version of their check] and have been using this to store my makeup brushes!

· Royal Check Pinch Bowl

These bowls are the best and I wish I would have gotten multiples. They're just so easy and versatile, you can do everything from throw candy in to serve berries for cocktails - and it looks great. 

I also got two Vase Bows (see the videos) that are no longer available on the site. :( They also have nothing similar. I'm sorry!

Is there anything else that you'd like to know? LMK in the comments!

Have any questions? Let me know in the comments or email me at with any other feedback or questions!

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