My Favorites

These are my ULTIMATE favorites and a pretty good look into exactly what I'll be purchasing this year. What do you guys think? Some of these items are splurges and some are under $25!

I regret SO much not getting white booties last year and will absolutely be getting some during the sale. They add a bit of a rocker vibe to any outfit, and I say that due to the color. White is more feminine than a black boot and makes just a subtle edgy vibe. It's a great way to spice up your wardrobe without being too intense.

Personally, I've wanted white go-go boots since I was 12 and have never really found just the right pair. But, I think the ones I've picked out of the sale get pretty close! Why, have I always wanted white go-go boots? As a child, I think I was drawn to how fun and different they seemed to be, but now I think its because I'm drawn to a 60s (and 90s) style.

Hot Pink Dress

Black Dress (sold out) Similar

Red Print Dress (sold out) Similar

Sunnies (both sold out) Similiar: 1 2

White Booties 1 2 3 4

Black Bootie

Brown Boot


Tory Burch White Purse

Black Leather Tote

Hat (sold out) Similar

Puff Sleeve Crepe Top (in both pink and black)

Topshop Pleated Sleeve Sweatshirt (Purple)

Fringe Jacket

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