Packing for a Weekend Trip

My little brother is finally graduated, y’all!! He earned his B.S. in Public Health from A&M University, magna cum laude I might add, this Wednesday and needless to say - I am incredibly proud of him!

He’s interviewing right now (he literally had an interview 3 hours after he walked the stage) and will graduate with some sort of well-earned job. What more could a big sister want?? All of the Tomanka siblings have graduated college and are “adults!” The real fun can now start ;)!

I'm a storied traveler at this point, and a sustainable traveler to boot, so I've put together a list of things I pack on every weekend trip to travel sustainably so that I don't harm the world I'm trying to go out and see more of!

Not only do I use all of these items on weekend trips, I also use all of these items on long, international trips as well since their such staples in my opinion. :D All of the items I've listed below are sustainable (or I've listed sustainable alternatives). I do have leather items listed; however, these leathers have been ethically and sustainably sourced.

In My Bags (& Those Too!)


These are the coolest things. They hold anything from liquids to pills without spilling a drop. Also created by a woman, this brand is a fun way to sustainably travel. The pods are spill proof (I've tested this with contact solution!!) and the top tabs are magnetic so that they are easily interchangeable. I LOOOOVE mine.

Pakt One Duffel Bag

The Pakt One Duffle Bag was birthed from Minimalists (the documentary) and was crowdfunded from there to be available for consumer purchase. It has been re-formulated 4 times since 2011 when it first hit the market. It fits all my outfits, laptop, and shoes in one bag for the entire weekend and even comes with a tote bag for gifts when you travel. Seriously, this bag is the next IT item in your closet when it comes to weekend travel. In addition, its also good for the environment and the Pakt One was made with the planet in mind, using modern, durable, technical materials that are 100% animal-friendly. It's shipped in 100% plastic-free packaging: no bubble wrap, no plastic bags, no air pillows, and no Styrofoam. Their packaging proudly bears the SeaHive Seal.

Pakt Cubes

Currently sold out their so good - these cubes are made to fit perfectly into the Pakt One duffle bag and can hold all of my clothes (minus my jeans) including my fancy outfits, my lounge outfits, and everything in between.

CalPak Hat Boxes

Small and Mini Sizes – I love these hat boxes, they’re great for headbands (the mini) and carrying my makeup and hair tools (the small). The Mini is also perfect for strapping to the Pakt Duffle bag like I’ve done below So it doesn’t take up vital space in the duffle and is hands-free carrying! The Mini is also 20% off right now and is on sale for only $25.60!

Zestt Organics

This wrap is a dream! I’ve used it to sleep in the car during long drives, when its raining, and when its chilly. And I get compliments on it ALL the time. It’s one of my new favorite go-tos When I travel - no matter the season or weather!

Coola SPF 50 Organic Sunscreen

I use this organic sunscreen, but I love the spray too! It doesn’t dry sticky and doesn’t feel icky on your skin either. It’s a super dry formula and my favorite sunscreen of all time – especially for your face, which I'm a huge proponent of.

Nomad EarPods Case and Laptop Case

I love Nomad products and this isn't the first time I've featured the laptop case or EarPods here on the Extra. The laptop case is made of ethically and sustainably sourced leather that has a magnetic closure strip making the design simple and elegant - there's no bulky zippers! There is also a hole in the side for the charging cable, so you can charge your laptop while its inside the case. Seriously, love. The EarPods case is just as good and made out of the same leather.


I've been a huge fan of Truffle for years and these items have held up over time! I use the Truffle Case to hold all of my makeup and makeup brushes. I love that it is two sided and I keep makeup on one side and my tools and brushes on the other. One side has a tension cord in it as well - making it perfect for keeping my brushes in place!


These Tory Sunnies are my go-to’s for road trips, but if you want to shop sustainably - these from Pala Eyewear are super similar looking and 100% ethically made and sustainable.

See my outfits that I wore during my trip on my at www.LiketoKnow.It/theExtraBlog, including:

Graduation Day Outfit

Northgate Outfit:

We obviously had to go out to Northgate as well!

What I wore out - so you can actually see it

My Travel Outfits:

Traveling to College Station

On the Way back home to Round Rock

This is the first time I’ve been able to get out and travel freely since COVID started and needless to say I was stoked to be in College Station! It felt great to get out and be around other people and even better to be celebrating my little brother with my family. We don't get together as often as I'd like (especially me since I'm so busy) and it felt so, so nice to just be in their company again.

Even if we were still all in masks at the restuarant and graduation came in shifts - the night before the mask ban was lifted and we didn't have to wear masks to graduation (me and my entire family have all been fully vaccinated)! The new normal is different, but its really not so bad – not bad enough to not travel any way!

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