Refreshing Your Home for the New Year

Updated: Jan 28

I’ve heard it said all over Instagram: “I’m so sad putting up Christmas décor!” And, I totally felt the same way. I typically leave my tree up until New Year’s Day and then I spend that day taking everything from the holiday down and putting it in storage; however, this year I put it up early since we were going out of town. I knew we’d be coming back on a Sunday, getting in late, and I didn’t want to have to stare at everything all week; dreading putting it up that weekend when I’m so exhausted.

But, ringing in the New Year doesn’t have to make your home look depressing! With these tips, you’ll have your home refreshed and feeling home-y again in no time.

1. Clean + Declutter

Before I had Dianna + her team help me organize my closet, we had them deep clean our entire home. We've lived here for almost 4.5 years now and, though we have our maid come once a week, it was still pretty disgusting from dust alone. Plus, I can't tell you how amazing it felt afterwards! I LOVE the feeling of walking into a clean home.

Start out with a good deep cleaning of your entire home. The holidays bring in (and out) a lot of different people and pets – carrying with them dust and germs. It’s a good idea to clean now anyway! Be on the lookout for cleaning supply sales in April (see my 2021 Sales Calendar).

2. Clear Out Your Closet

There are many methods to clean out your closet and everyone has a different approach. I was inspired by the Marie Kondo strategy (KonMari) of pulling out each of a room's objects and items one by one (using categories) and touching each item to see if it "Sparks Joy" for you.

While I didn't dump my entire closet out at once, I did go subcategory by subcategory (jackets, blazers, coats, etc.) and then I organized those by color to see how many of each color I have of jackets, blazers, coats, etc. -- and I was honestly surprised by the amount of each I had and got rid of a ton of clothes this way. As much as I thought I did, I didn't need 20 white bodysuits!

I do this method twice a year, once with my summer clothes and once with my winter clothes. Both times, I skim over the clothes I wear in most/all seasons to see if I haven't worn any of that in a while either. During the year, I try my best to use the "One In, One Out" method: throw one piece of clothing out for every piece you put in. That way, my outfits don't outgrow my closet -- it's already a room for Pete's sake! haha

Did you see my New Closet Reveal? If not, read it here!

3. Add Organizational Storage

Organization is the easiest way to make a room feel crisp, clean, and bigger, which will ultimately make you want to spend more time in that room. If you've ever seen the Home Edit - you know this to be true. There's something so satisfying about organization - I find if my home isn't clean I can't focus on anything else until it is, so organization in our home is very important to me so that I have calm and relaxing spaces (rather than chaos and anxiety!) to retreat to.

Closet organization also helps me adhere to the “one in, one out” rule – if it doesn’t fit, get rid of something to make it fit within the container. [I've linked my closet organizational storage containers below]

4. Add New Hardware

I recently spruced up our linen dresser with one of my favorite tricks to fresh something you've had a while into something that feels new: simply change out the dresser drawer knobs.


1. Purchase your new “more you” dresser door handles from your favorite supplier (my favorite retailers to shop are: @anthropologie, @etsy, + @hobbylobby). They have a ton of sales on these items year round.

2. Open the dresser drawers and unscrew the existing handles from the frame.

3. Use some polish and really scrub the areas around the handles that are no longer covered and may have wear exposed.

4. Screw in your new handles. If the existing screws are stripped, use a 4 pronged screw driver and some TLC (or ask your hubs!).

5. Take a step back, decorate to your hearts content, and enjoy your refreshed space!

See How I did it here

Besides adding new hardware to existing furniture or home fixtures, you can also change out artwork, lighting fixtures, wallpaper/paint, and bedding - all done pretty cheaply too, especially if you can get any of it on sale!

5. Add Fresh Flowers and Plants

There's nothing I love more than fresh flowers in our home. they immediately breathe life into the room and brights and lifts any mood. You don't need to buy expensive flowers to have beautiful bouquets either. I frequently pick up $15 small bouquets from United Supermarkets ,just down the road, almost each time I'm there. It's also a super cheap way to add beautiful holiday decor to your home by choosing seasonal flowers and arrangements at your local supermarket.

6. Mix Up Décor You Already Own

I've been mixing up decor and moving it (mostly my TJ Maxx and from room to room since college, mostly as a way to save money. These days, I try really hard not to just buy knickknacks that don't mean anything to me/us. In doing so, I have better quality decor that I really love and its easy to move it from space to space.

*I may make a small commission off of any links you click on when you purchase an item, but pinky promise - all opinions really are my own.

Let me know what you think in the comments or email me at I always look forward to hearing from y'all!

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