Small Pantry Organization & Storage

I’m so, so excited about this next installment of the Extra’s Organization + Cleaning Series: Small Pantry Organization + Storage.

So, long story short - our pantry is honestly non-existent. We live in an apartment that is big on room size, but smallll on kitchen size. I’m talking like New York City-sized kitchen size. I had quite the challenge ahead of me figuring out where to put groceries and all of our wedding stuff that we received.

With the help of Chef’s Path products, I’ve finally got everything in our pantry and kitchen cabinets put away.

I’m SO pleased with the results - take a look at how it turned out!

As you can see - my tiny apartment (fingers crossed for moving cities soon!) has an even tinier kitchen, which has made cooking and living a bit taxing until I actually spent some time thinking about how to improve the efficiency of the small space and little to no storage room. I think I've come up with some pretty good hacks - here are some of my top tips:

Top Tips + Hacks for a Small Pantry

1. Add Extra Storage Units

The first thing we did when we moved in, was purchased these two storage units. We've had them for years and they have really been great investments. I found some for literally a fraction of the price that we paid - don't worry it's all linked below!

2. Stock the Pantry Full of Clear Bins + Containers

I used Chef's Path products to stock my pantry full of clear acrylic containers for most all of my food storage needs. Everything else is linked. There was even enough in the 12 count pack of the air-tight containers to leave some left over for my baking cabinets! This pack of acrylic containers is so affordable too - 12 pieces for under $50!

My FAVORITE part about the sets however, are that they come with chalkboard label stickers and a chalkboard marker to label everything as well as measuring cups that double as scoops for the containers. I love that they're see through so I can see what's inside. It also makes the space look a lot bigger than it actually is.

I also love these (they come in a two-pack!) cereal boxes - they'll also be great for keeping chips crisp and uncrushed. They even have pour spouts on the lids. Just FYI - they fit a box-and-a-half of the big cereal boxes or almost two full bags of chips!! They're pretty huge. Very clutch.

I also got these Wayfair glass jars to mix it up a bit. I really liked that they come in a three pack with three varying sizes too - and right now they're 40% off!

There were even enough labels for me to add them to my circular containers and I added those to the tops.

My favorite thing may be the Oreos stacked up!

3. Vertical Can Storage

This vertical storage is incredibly helpful for putting away cans and keeping them in an organized manner. You can see from the photo that you can fit a large can as well as a regular size can on this storage unit.

4. Lazy Susans

This Lazy Susans makes finding different spices a breeze - and you can see this is a pretty tiny space. It really does help the space and keep it all organized. I used to have a stair step up here (seen below with my mugs!) and the spices kept falling over, or Martin wouldn't put the tallest ones back in the very back, etc. It was just a mess. This lazy Susan however is great and I love how its clear all the way around so even the small spices are seen.

I love love love these glass bottles with gold stoppers from Rail19 and these gold spout pourers are from Amazon. We got glass oil and vinegar bottles when we got married, but the spouts had gotten pretty dingy and gross. I replaced them (and I did a Reel on it here - check it out!) with the gold spout pourers and viola! They're brand new looking and match my other gold accented pourers.

5. Go High

Like in my Closet reveal with my hats, its easy to go high and put some storage shelving on the wall in your kitchen. I also added this shelf addition for all of our new microfiber towels.

We've made the decision that we need to produce a little bit less waste and try and live a little cleaner. Making the jump from paper towels (which we're ridiculous about) to these microfiber towels has actually been super easy because I love, love, love them!

6. Use Hooks

I also have my pots and pans hanging up on hooks on our storage unit and have been hanging these copper mule mugs here since we got married.

Below is just how I've organized the rest of our pantry and kitchen - its so tiny, but at least it looks tidy and clean!

Pro Tip: Use Labels for your cabinets to let your partner (or your maid) know where certain things go. Believe me - they'll never learn on their own.