7 Small Space Organization Tips

I set out to organize my tiny room into a full-on closet and specifically focused on using organization and storage hacks for storing a lot in a small space. I thought this would be especially great for those moving into their first apartment with a roommate (or a boyfriend!) where there isn’t a ton of space for closet items.

I wanted to really focus this project on getting the most bang for your buck out of a small space. You may be thinking – Taylor, an ENTIRE closet is NOT a small space, but I’d very much argue it is if you’ve ever seen my wardrobe. Though it is ridiculous, I do try and keep the rule “one in, one out” so that my closet doesn’t get too stuffed and I ALWAYS do a spring cleaning to prune it too. Even still, I know I have a LOT.


However, since I have been living in tiny spaces (read: apartments) essentially for the last 10 years of my life, I have come up with some pretty good hacks for living in small spaces. Below are the main ones I thought would be of most use to you guys. Let me know in the comments how helpful (or not!) this post was. :)

7 Tips

for Living in a Small Space

#1 If you don’t see it, you don’t use it

I hate it, but its true. There’s a reason the Home Edit uses clear acrylic...everything. Its more expensive, but durable and lasts if you get decent quality. Luckily, Amazon has a ton of great acrylic options. I’ve linked below the acrylic items I bought and have incorporated into my closet.

#2 Go High

Go high…up the walls! If you don’t have a ton of space, you still have walls. You’d be surprised how much you can get on the walls and accessories double as décor! My hats are hung on removable wall hooks!

#3 Divide it Out

One of the biggest life hacks Dianna helped me with was my dresser drawers. She used dividers to section out compartments for items like panties, bras, loungewear, and any other undergarment.

#4 Use every inch

I stuffed an old TV stand in the bottom of my closet to get maximum storage space out of the small area – and it worked! I keep my tennis shoes, flats, slides, mules, and other flat heeled shoes on this bottom shelf. In total it stores about 20 pairs of shoes and really helps save space!

#5 Do Double Duty

Make your stuff work for you. These shoe benches double as somewhere to sit to as well as a chic, aesthetically pleasing shoe storage unit. These two shoe benches store between 12-16 pairs of shoes total. These benches are also skinny and don’t stick out too much and run along the walls symmetrically. This falls easier on the eyes and makes the room look more put together than it is!

#6 Everything has a place

Even if every single item in your closet is in a bin or basket, the best way to appear more organized is to sort your clutter in smaller bins or baskets by category. This also helps me adhere to the “one in, one out” rule – if it doesn’t fit, get rid of something to make it fit within the container.

#7 Matching Hangers

If you can’t afford acrylic containers and expensive storage units, the best way to upgrade your closet and make it look posh is to buy white/clear matching hangers. Before this closet revamp, I had mismatched black, white, and random color hangers left over from college and moving in with my husband. It makes your closet seem more cluttered than it really is and honestly made a huge difference.