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Trip Deets + 5 Things to Do in the Summer

Our balcony view <3

First off, Lodging:

Trailhead Lodge in Steamboat Springs, CO + Accomodations via TurnKey Vacation Rentals on Airbnb 

Very much recommend Trailhead! The lobby and pool staff were super kind and at the same time very on top of hygiene and virus protection. I very much appreciated their attention to detail and friendly faces! As you'll see from the photos above the grounds were also super well maintained and made for great walks around the lodge area in the mornings/evenings. 

5 Things to Do in the Summer!

1. Hot Springs - Strawberry Springs

There is a hot springs near downtown, but it looked crowded and was, again, in the middle of the city area. We’ve been told over and over again to make the short drive out of town to go to Strawberry Springs for the views. We couldn’t get tickets this time, but plan on visiting next time!

2. Shopping

Shopping is great in downtown Steamboat. There are plenty of boutiques and places to get outdoor gear and wear for any type of season in case you come and are surprised by the weather. We had 70-80 degree temps & had the best luck with the weather.

Places to Shop

3. Eats

There isn’t much in the way of delivery out in steamboat past a Qdoba and a sub shop. Luckily, downtown was only two miles away from where we stayed and has plenty of local restaurants that are fantastic!


  • Wynona’s – get a cinnamon roll to share with the table or get one to go – totally worth it and HUGE – definitely big enough to share with several people.

  • Creekside Café - the huevos rancheros are bomb – the ranchero sauce is fantastic!


  • Truffle Pig – get anything with truffles (obvi) but they also make homemade pasta in house and is delicious!

  • Cafe Diva - if you’re a fan of red wine, get the Lingua Franca

  • Brick – pizza & a great charcuterie board

  • E3 Chophouse & Laundry – we didn’t get a chance to eat at these places but heard from friends these were great!

4. Hiking, Biking, Tubing, &/or Almost Any Other Outdoor Activity You Can Think Of

Because who isn’t going to try and hike or do something outdoors while you’re in Colorado in the summer? If you're more my pace [in that I like to drink outdoors on patios], all of the places I mentioned under "Eats" have patios [with the exception of E3 Chophouse]!!

Places to do Outdoorsy Activities

  • Fish Creek Falls - We hiked the Overlook path (it was paved) and up a little past the waterfall path (it was NOT paved and pretty rough). The winner, regardless of your endurance and stamina, was clearly the Overlook path as it’s an easy path for beginner hikers or, if you’re an advanced hiker [i.e. NOT me], it would be a good warm up before you stretch or as a stretch. But, what makes this path so memorable is the view from the top. The waterfall is, in and of itself, something to go see [it’s just a quarter mile from the beginning of the trail] up close. But, the Overlook trail had the most breathtaking views and overlooked the waterfall. It made for the best photos!

  • Yampa Valley Core Trail – We didn’t hike this one, but we heard great things about it from friends and it sounds awesome! From the Co. Visitor’s site: “The Yampa River Core Trail is a 7.5-mile paved multi-use trail that runs through the heart of Steamboat Springs and along the Yampa River. The Core Trail ties all aspects of Steamboat together: it’s a straight shot from one side of town to the other, but more importantly it brings people of all ages onto one path to enjoy the outdoors.

xxxxPoints of Interest and Activities Accessible from the Yampa Valley Core Trail

  • Literally Anywhere You Are – We also hiked around our Lodge area quite a bit and depending on where you stay you can probably have a nice hike/bike around your lodging area too!

  • Tubing the Yampa River is as simple as getting online and booking with one of the city's many tubing companies.


It’s just so lovely to sit outside or on your balcony/patio wherever you’re staying or at any of the restaurants downtown and their patio seating. The weather, while we stayed there, was in the 70s and 80s the entire time and was fantastic. If you don’t want to relax and want more outdoors, there’s always tubing or white water rafting the Colorado River! There are tons of places downtown or you can easily look them up online.

Matching two-piece PJs: Betty & June


Have any questions? Let me know in the comments or email me at with any other feedback or questions!

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