Stoney Clover + Lele Sadoughi + Truffle

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I may have a problem. My headband and hair accessories have gotten a bit out of control lately. Luckily, my favorite headband brand, @lelesadoughi, just collaborated with another favorite brand of mine, Stoney Clover Lane. Because the only thing I love more than headbands are adorable and easy to use #travelorganization - and Stoney Clover definitely delivers.

So, I have to admit that I MAY love packing for a trip just as much as the trip itself. But, seriously can you blame me with travel organization this cute?

The best thing about Stoney Clover is that you don't have to buy their pre-made products (or completely customizable in their New York office!), but you can if you have it within your budget. And don't get me wrong, their pre-made products are ADORABLE, but they are outside a lot of everyday women's budgets. In fact, a great hack on cutting costs with this brand, or if you want to try out their product first, is to just order the patches. The patches range in cost from $12-20 and work incredibly well.

You can use any type of bag to stick the patches on and I used some bags I've gotten from the $1 isle at Target as well as my favorite #travelstorage brand @truffle. My bags are still on final sale here and I cannot say enough about my Truffle bags. I'll have to do a later post dedicated to just that. I will say I was worried the fabric (a wipeable coated canvas) of these Truffle bags wouldn't adhere very well, but I was wrong!

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