Styling Your Favorite LBD

I was texting with a friend recently about the Extra, when she said something that semi-stunned me – she thought I had been into fashion (etc.) my whole life and that the Extra was just another step in that journey. But, honestly this couldn’t be further from the truth and this little shocker sparked a memory of mine.

I was just starting 4th grade in the fall of 2000 [hello Y2K!] when my mom starts taking me to cotillion. For those of you whose parents were NOT the worst, cotillion is typically a season of etiquette classes for middle-school aged children that ends with a final dinner-dance where they get to show off what they've learned. I know what you’re thinking – oh, Taylor! How nice, you’re mom got you into cotillion. I bet you were thrilled and so happy to be there.

At that age, no, nothing was further from the truth. I was obsessed with soccer and nothing could stand in my way – not even sandals, a dress, and wearing my hair down would stop me from playing soccer at recess with the boys. I was always “the tomboy” friend who would much rather play in the dirt than learn manners and (yuck!) talk with boys my own age! Suffice to say, I got through those hellish few months. Every year thereafter around the fall I would become ever so helpful when I knew invitations went out and would throw them away year after year. I’ve grown and matured a lot since then, in both my life as well as my fashion choices since 2000, but one thing that stands the test of time is the LBD.

A LBK [little black dress] is right for almost any occasion, but styling it for summer can be hard – black is such a harsh color! Here are some classic and on-trend ways to style your favorite little black dress - the Extra way.


Normally, I wouldn't include an all-black look (because #basic), but one of the fall's on trend styles is a monochromatic look. However, because I'm extra af, I've mixed our all black look with different textures and even a black snakeskin heel. Classic Americana is back, so put a little prep in your step! Tweed, fitted blazers, pearls and  loafers - they complete the look.

Color + Animal Print

Here at the Extra, we don’t shy away from color and this season – you’d be wise not to either. Chartreuse and Fushia are bold color choices for the fall and this season’s IT colors.

Metallic + Cropped Jackets

All the big ones agree - glitz and glitter are IN, especially when its paired with a cropped jacket - another trend for the fall. I've styled this LBD with gold accessories, but really the hot metallic of this season is silver

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