Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Lessons Taylor learned this year. Safe to say no one is doing "well" in 2020 [and if you are - don't tell me] - here's a few lessons I learned the hard way that I can pass on after completing the first year of my thirties! Holla at ya girl THIRTY-ONEDERFUL.

This year was rough for more than one reason, but in the end I'm grateful for those that I spent the weekend with and choose to do life with. Those that fill my soul and make life worth it. Growing through challenges and being vulnerable can be scary too and special thanks to those that have been accepting & loving me + the Extra from both far and near. :)

Lesson 1: Learn to be your OWN Cheerleader. Because frankly, no one else will be. And that's not to say someone wont be - you just can't honestly rely on that - not on someone else to fill what's missing in you. Find your own identity and cheer the hell out for yourself.

Lesson 2: It's hard to be a leader, easy to fall in line, and easiest to join in & belittle the other woman. Self-explanatory.  

Lesson 3: Your critics don't get to judge you from afar. If they aren't suiting up everyday to jump into battle with you full-heartedly and earnestly, (or, I guess they can [& will] you just don't need to give af) then screw em. They're opinion doesn't matter because they didn't even try. Period.

Lesson 4: Dive Deep into relationships that feed your soul - whether that be family, friends, or maybe you enjoy meeting strangers [gross] - whatever. Do what makes you refill your empty at the end of the day and keep going back to it. 

Lesson 5: Learn to Accept People for Who They ARE, Not What you WANT Them to Be. The hardest lesson of all - if people tell you who they are, listen the first time around.

Cake by: McKays Bakery (see my #abilenebusinessscene feature of them here)

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