Tidy Habits of Clean Homes

Tidy Habits for Busy Women to Have One of Those Homes That's Always Clean

Want some tips on keeping your house tidy when you have little to no time? I've done the research and can tell you there are certain habits, not steps, that clean people live up to daily. That's how they're houses are always so clean and perfect looking all the time!

In this blog, find some of the best tidy habits of those women whose homes are always clean + organized.

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Tidy Habits for a Clean Home

1. Have Great Storage

Storage is your BFF, especially if you live in a tiny space. There are a ton of options out there that are cost effective, yet beautiful - it just depends on what you want your aesthetic to be. I prefer wicker baskets and clear glass or plastic containers for everything. Wicker baskets for those items that are bulky or too ugly to store out in the open and the glass and plastic containers for everything else. I am a BIG believer in, "if you don't see it - you don't use it." And I've found this has helped me keep things organized too! If I can see where it goes easily, it's more likely to be put away correctly.

I did a full post on kitchen and pantry storage earlier in the year. Check it out for all the best kitchen and pantry storage items! In addition, I have a fantastic post on small space closet organization with all of the linked products I used to transform my Closet/Room into an organized style heaven! I had the help of a professional organizer on this one – so the organization and storage solutions found here are really great and cost effective.

2. Clean a Little Bit Often

"Clean a little, and often," is one of the most quoted tips out there on keeping and maintaining a clean home. It's actually one of the best tips I’ve incorporated into my own life is this – so you know it's worth the hype. That means tidying up every day but not going all out and doing the dishes and vacuuming each and every day. You pick up everything off the floor to maintain tidiness - this is where those wicker baskets come into play - and it balances out the days you need to prioritize bigger cleaning tasks.

3. Start to Enjoy Cleaning

Yeah, it doesn’t sound glamorous but its true. If you change your mindset, it will become a habit of yours and you’ll start doing it and NOT hate it! I started cleaning more when my husband and I got married and lived together. I started out hating it, but eventually came to not mind it and even enjoy it when I’m super stressed. There’s nothing better than scrubbing the stress out of a pot or pan. Remember: the hardest part is just starting!

4. Prioritize Tasks

Prioritize tasks that need to get done so that you tackle those when you have a spare moment to clean. This also helps you organize your day as you can then plan out when you have that time to clean the bathroom or the kitchen. For me, this looks like prioritizing the kitchen and bathrooms most days. These are the two areas of the house that get the dirtiest and see the most people.

5. Time Yourself

This is for those competitive at heart. Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes – whatever amount of time you have until you’re supposed to head out the door or right before the kids get home. This works with your schedule and keeps you on time everywhere else. It also helps those who hate cleaning – you only have a set amount of time to do it so you know it won’t go on forever.

6. Invest in Products That Make Things Easier

Something that I learned the hard way, it’s always better to just spend a little bit extra to save time and effort when you’re a busy woman. After all, every minute of your busy day counts!


7. Make Your Bed Everyday

Statistically, this is the one daily task you should do to make yourself more productive. Apparently, getting this one task off your list early makes you feel more accomplished and starting off on the right foot is the path to a great day. You can learn more about this from the 2014 Commencement Speech US Navy Admiral William H McRaven gave at my alma mater the University of Texas at Austin.

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