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Updated: Feb 1

This year isn't like any other. We may have to celebrate without our friends this year, which honestly is the worst because Friendsgiving is one of my very favorite holidays to go all out on. But, that will have to be next year - or will it? Check out below to see how I would plan a virtual Friendsgiving.

1. Set the Date and Time.

As you can see, my Virtual Friendsgiving took place on November 6, 2020 at 4 p.m. and included details (below) regarding things that need to be purchased ahead of time or anything that needs to be completed before we get together.

I used for this digital invite, which was free! They have plenty of Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving templates you can choose from to make custom invites.

2. Set the Guest List

With technology, there really isn't any limit to how many people you want to invite (unless its like, A LOT); however, it is smart to have the list setout already so that you can send the technology details to out once in one group email.

3. Set the Technology

Be aware of how much time you plan on spending on your Friendsgiving (how much time you'll be online) and how many people you'll be inviting. These two selections may determine what type of technology you end up using.

4. Set the Activity

You can’t have a virtual event without an activity (literally what else would you do?). I searched and searched for a few games that weren’t lame and actually sounded pretty fun. Here are a few games that you can try:

  • Phone Game: No prep work needed, just have people have their phones on them during the event. Challenge everyone around the virtual table to find a picture on their phones that best represents each of the items on the list. It has to be an existing picture, no taking new photos during the game! Each player receives 1 point if they can find the photo within two minutes. Be sure everyone explains their photo with each round!

  • Cook or Make Drinks Together: Pick a quick, easy to make meal and make the guys make it while the girls mix the drinks. This does have to be pre-planned so each house has the proper ingredients, but this could be fun to watch and would surely entertain everyone involved.

  • Secret Santa: This one also requires a bit of pre-planning. The “host” should write everyone’s names out and randomly divide out who will buy who’s gift. Then, the day of, that party drops off the gift at the recipient’s mailbox and everyone opens one by one on Zoom.

  • Pie-Eating Contest: This one just sounds funny – I’m sure there are some fun friends out there who might enjoy this one! All you have to do is setup beforehand who will play and make sure that house gets pies for their entry.

  • Turkey Decorating Contest: You can easily find cutouts of Turkeys on Pinterest or the Internet – like this one.

5. Enjoy!

Relax and finally enjoy the day! No matter what you'll "be" with friends and that's truly what matters most.

Let me know if you enjoyed these tips and if you've got any ideas of your own!

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